…my actions are the ground on which I stand. -Thich Nhat Hanh

Well today is the day, the beginning of what is bound to be a memorable year. No more talking about this idea or “what I want to do” now is the time for action, and my actions and choices will determine if I stand by my commitment. I hope you will come with me on my adventure, keep me accountable. I would love feedback, comments and I hope to open up a dialogue where folks will actively want to comment and discuss what is posted on this page not only about weight but any topic that comes up.

I am off this morning on a walk to Newport on the Levee. From my house in Dayton Kentucky it’s about 3 miles, not THAT far. The problem comes passing the following pitfalls…. I know them by heart, in the order in which they come at me….Riverside- they make the best crap donuts you will ever have, warm, gooey, enough sugar in one donut to facilitate a whole “Ace of Cakes” episode. These donuts alone are probably responsible for my left thigh. Pasquale’s- it’s been around since I was a kid, big Friday night was getting a couple of bucks to go get a steak hoagie smothered in cheese on that doughy bun brushed with fake butter (it’s wretched how can it taste so good?) fries and a coke. Proceed one block west and there is the famous Schneider’s sweet shop- I gain weight just standing by the exhaust fan outside smelling the recirculated chocolaty air. It’s food, its memories of my childhood and it’s connected to what I know….which is why today I think I will walk the other way in town….old post office, fire department and antique store hold much less appeal….



  1. Regen says:

    Wow. On 9/1/09, I started my weight loss journey. I have lost 126.7 lbs. to date. What really pulled me in to your blog was the fact that you want to incorporate saving animals. I am a huge dog lover and have worked with multiple welfare groups over the years. I have three rescue doggies at home. Good luck to you! If I can do it so can you!!


    • dogl2324 says:

      Wow, that is amazing! A true inspiration. When I thought about what motivated me the most…it was always the dogs and it hit me one day in the shower to put them together and it made all the sense in the world to me. Failure would not just be about me, I would be failing the dogs and that I knew would be the motivation I needed. Yay for rescued doggies, I appreciate your support!

      Cheers- Lori

  2. John Simpson says:

    You do have a knack for making even the worst food sound appealing. Luckily, you are incredibly talented at creating wonderful food. Some might think this a curse. I am sure you will find the blessings along the way.

  3. Matthew says:

    Lori, I am with you all the way on this journey and you know I am always there for you! I know you can do it!!!

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