one slice…..

I had no idea what I would write about today, I was headed over to my friend Shannon’s new house to help paint this morning and was very grateful to have something physical to do.

We ordered pizza for lunch, and I made the decision to have one slice, I didn’t know if I could do it or not. Shannon being very supportive had asked if there was something else we should get or if I wanted a salad. I thought about it a second and I said out loud to her, No, pizza is great, I will have one slice. Sweet Jesus how many times have I said that before? How many times have I promised myself I would only have one and eaten five? As many times as Larry King has been married, times 10…that’s how many.
But I realized since I said it out loud and especially to someone who is supporting what I am doing and cares, it was a done deal. I picked my slice carefully, eyeing the pie finally choosing the corner slice with crusty goodness and gooey cheese. I ate it slowly, chewing slowly and really enjoying it. I didn’t even contemplate another piece….I reached for the beautiful grapes that were brought out with the pizza. When I had my fill of grapes, I was done. It may seem silly, and it will never be important to anyone but me…but the little things are what will make the difference when I step on the scale next time.

We painted, we laughed and we said goodbye to one of our rescue dog’s today. “Minnie” was rescued by Recycled Doggies after being left in a “drop box” at a local shelter. She was old, blind, and had health issues. She would not make it out of the shelter alive if not for Recycled Doggies and the unconditional love they offer to dogs that seem to simply be disguarded as if an old sofa or coffee maker that is of no use to someone anymore. Minnie was able to live out her final days safe, in a warm bed, with cuddles, kisses and so, so much love from her foster mom. Yet again I am reminded why I am so inspired by the work they do.

I am grateful today for one slice of pizza, one sweet dog who is now at the rainbow bridge and one dear friend who gets to start a new chapter in a wonderful new house that will be a safe haven for so many dogs.



  1. Moody says:

    Hey Lori, Congrats on the ONE SLICE!!!

    I went swimming with my friend today and she asked if I wanted to grab a bite afterwards. I told her about my plans of weight loss and the reasons behind it (she totally LOVES animals and has rescued 3 herself) and she told me anything I wanted to do, was fine by her. We decided on a Greek snack bar close to my place, and I figured I would have a side order of Greek pasta, maybe even 2 because it really is “just” a side order, but when we got to the place, it was closed. They’re on holidays.
    My initial plan had been to eat a bowl of soup.
    I guess it was a good plan, because that’s what I ended up having. A bowl of tomato/vegetable soup with some bread.

    I swam for nearly 2 hours today, putting in a good number of laps. I *will* regret it come morning (I can already feel it in my shoulders and back AND I had cramps in my left leg), but I frankly don’t give a sh*t about that. I love to swim and it’s a first step to reach my goal. Many more will follow.

    So, again, Congrats to you and keep up the good work!
    So will I.


    • dogl2324 says:

      Hi Moody,

      Way to rock it out with the swimming! I am going on Sunday, it is so good for you, like vegetable soup! 🙂 Well done indeed! Love the friends that are supportive too, I know I would be lost without them!



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