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On Sunday my friend and professional photographer Carolyn Evans also known as the “Phodographer” came to my house to take pictures of Tristan and Journey for a follow up story on their progress since they were saved from a tiny rural Ohio shelter that has high intake and few adoptions, meaning most dogs don’t make it out alive.

Carolyn took the brave mission to volunteer coming to the shelter and photographing dogs that were on “death row”,  the dogs that were labeled not worthy of life simply because they existed. I can’t tell you how valuable giving these dogs a voice through photographs can be toward securing rescue. A picture taken with a piece of paper held in front of a dog with it’s processing number written on it with no effort at all to help the animal relax or to be able to show any part of it’s personality is pretty much useless in getting the dog adopted or rescued. The beauty of what Carolyn can do is taking time to connect with the dogs, putting the dogs at ease and capturing a bit of the dog’s  personality through her eye, which is her lens. Recycled Doggies and their volunteers were able to get the dogs outside to play in the grass, take a break from the sterile concrete walls, chain link barriers and constant deafening barks from within the walls of the shelter. Outside  many of the dogs come to life and the pictures Carolyn is able to take are amazing.  Take a look at some of her stunning pictures of “death row” dogs…


The dogs she photographs are not always able to show a happy side and some have suffered so much abuse and heartbreak that she can only capture the reality of what the dog has been through, which in itself can be a saving grace. My own connection to how important the need for what Carolyn does is simple. Had she not been able to photograph Tristan, I would have never felt connected to the him in the way I did. She was able to capture the desperation in his eyes for someone to show him they cared …for someone to not let him die. Without Carolyn there would be no Tristan and I am so very grateful for the work she does for all dogs, being an important piece of rescue efforts. It takes a very special person to walk into a situation that is heartbreaking and be able to put aside the pain and reality of the situation and do what is best for the animals. I am so glad our paths have crossed, she makes the world a better place for both animals and people alike!





  1. Moody says:

    I’d probably cry my butt off and take all of them home!!!

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