how to eat cake…and not gain a pound!

It’s true, I have found a very good technique that works like a charm for having a little cake and not gaining a pound. I know this works because this is how I dealt with a “must have” craving for cake last week and I still managed to lose a substantial amount of weight.

In the small market I sometimes frequent, but try to avoid going to for the simple fact that they distribute Busken bakery goods. I have a secret love affair with Busken’s icing, and their cake Ohhh and let’s not forget the doughy, soft, little round bundle of love iced donuts. If you don’t know this about me I am a complete icing whore, cake whore and well let’s just call a spade a spade or a ho-ho a ho-ho and admit I am a sugar whore all together. I will jump OVER the bag of potato chips to get to the brownie….that is how I roll. It’s also what is responsible for many of MY rolls.

I had to get bananas, bottled water, skim milk and avocados…not much, simple list and that store was on my way…so I stopped. I grab my cart, I walked in, turned to my left and made the mistake of looking to the side toward the crack counter of the Busken baked goods….and there it was… a Cake. Not just any cake, this cake was a sheet cake that someone left, abandoned, who apparently forgot about the lil cake or didn’t want it anymore. (What kind of person leaves a little lonely cake, it reminded me of a puppy at a high kill shelter) ok, maybe not, but it looked very pathetic and very delicious! They had butchered this cake into individual pieces wrapped them up tight with the icing mushed up, trapped, screaming out to be freed. To add insult to injury they taped a little collapsible “spork” on the top. Pretty much hand me the needle already!

Panic set in…I have been doing Soooo good! What to do, what to do? I wanted that cake…a whole piece of cake, the corner piece with the big yellow icing rose with green icing leaves on it! In my desperation without thinking I turned to a young guy beside me and asked him…”Hi, do you wanna make a quick five bucks?” Oh the look on his face was priceless. I convinced him that all he had to do was follow me outside after I bought a piece of cake and watch me take one bite and then throw the rest in the nasty trash can out front. He seemed leery but I must have looked like I was going to cry or hit him so he agreed.

He waited for me at the front and I told him he could even watch from a distance, so it didn’t look too odd or anything….I unwrapped the Saran wrap and freed the lil cake from confinement. In a strategic move and swish of my spork I caught a good glob of icing. I am not going to lie…it was amazing. Might have been the best bite of cake ever…e.v.e.r. I quickly gave a look like “ugh-stale” and pitched the whole thing in the trash. Desperate times call for desperate measures folks.

I am not saying that I can’t have a whole piece of cake if that is part of my food plan for the day or week but this situation is the VERY thing that would spiral me into weeks of bad eating habits. If I ate a piece of cake that I knew I should not have eaten it generally led to other bad choices and then I figured I had really screwed up so why not eat everything I had been craving. A vicious cycle of binge eating.

You really can have your cake and eat it too….sometimes it’s just one bite at a time.



  1. Tina says:

    haha That is so funny, silly girl!! You are right. You need to allow yourself small bits of yummy foods every now and then. As long as you don’t fall into the habit of going overboard with it. If I fell off the wagon, I would just continue to eat whatever bad crap I felt like, always saying I might as well get it out of my system/off my mind, and would “start over” the next day, or whatever. WE CANT DO THAT!! EVER 🙂 Small treats are a mentally healthy addition to a successful weight loss!

  2. Rhonda says:

    I am the same way with the sugary snacks. I have been craving brownies for the past 2 weeks. I did some volunteer work yesterday and they served everyone lunch afterward. They had a table full of brownies and all kinds of cookies. In the past, I would have filled my plate with a “sample” of each. I decided that I would just have one small brownie. I ate that brownie like it was the last bit of food on the face of the planet. I savored every morsel of that little brownie. I licked the crumbs off my fingers. It was oh so good and I wanted more but managed to limit myself to just that one.

  3. Moody says:

    So you gave a guy five bucks to watch you take one bite of cake? You’ve got amazing ideas, you know that!!

    You know what I find the absolute worst possible thing?
    Birthdays at work!!
    Everyone always brings lots of goodies …. and they’re usually the fattening stuff!! One guy has a habit of bringing candy pies. A whole pie made up of candy!! Now who could resist?? And those always look smashing too, almost a shame to break up and eat, but more of a shame NOT to eat.
    Last week, this one guy brought a box of “Melo Cakes” … I couldn’t resist, I just had to take one. Now in case you don’t know them (you might have another name for them), they’re marshmallows on a soft biscuit, covered entirely in chocolate. They are delicious and I usually have an entire box in about 3 days …. talk about the ho-thing …. *sigh*

    Either way, I only had one and stayed away from his desk the rest of the day. It tasted fabulous.
    Problem is, there’s so many people there, there’s always a birthday or something “special” going on. The last 3 weeks have seen 3 babies born, and those are always celebrated with lots of goodies too. I think I need to change jobs if I want to make this challenge work!

    Anyways, good job on the handy sporking and I’ll be looking forward to reading more “food tricks”.

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