chicken piccata with wild mushrooms, leeks and edamame over wilted spinach

chicken piccata with wild mushrooms, leeks and edamame over wilted spinach

So this is not your traditional chicken piccata, I have taken away the butter, the flour, the pasta but none of the flavor. I have added more veggies so it is a healthier version!


2 organic free range chicken breast (boneless skinless split so there are 4 pieces)- Chicken should be trimmed of any fat and then pounded out into thin pieces using a meat mallet. The best way to achieve this is to  put each piece of chicken between saran wrap and pound out.

1 cup edamame (use the shelled frozen kind…they seriously rock)

2 leeks ( trimmed to white part only, cleaned, cut down the middle and then chopped)

3 cups mushrooms (you can use any kind you like, I use a combo or shitake, oyster, and baby bella)

6-8 cups spinach (washed and stemmed)

1 shallot minced

1 glove of garlic

1/2 cup capers

3 lemons juiced and zested

*1/2 cup good white wine (optional)

Olive Oil

Sea Salt


In a large saute pan drizzle about 3 tbs of olive oil, add leeks, shallot, garlic, mushrooms, and edamame and cook on medium heat for about 10 minutes, add 1/2 of the capers and 1/2 of the lemon juice and zest and a pinch of salt and pepper. Continue to cook for another 10 minutes on low heat. Remove mixture from pan and transfer to bowl.  Turn same pan up to high heat and at this point you can deglaze the pan with white wine or just add a little drizzle of olive oil all the remaining lemon juice and capers and then add chicken. Chicken will cook very fast because it is so thin. Cook chicken for 5 minutes and then flip and add the veggies you set aside back into pan. lower the heat and cook for another 5-8 minuets.  Adjust seasoning to taste. At this point you can put spinach on plate and add chicken and other veggies to plate so the spinach will wilt or you can throw in in the pan and cover for about 3 minuets.





  1. Moody says:

    Tried this tonight. Had to change a few things to it though. Couldn’t find the edamame so I substituted that with peas and I left out the capers coz I don’t like them. And I used lemon juice concentrate as well.
    I guess I misread the first part about the chicken coz I ended up chopping it into small pieces but it was good anyways.
    My son wasn’t overly happy about it though. First he complained about the fact there were no peaches (got them for another recipe and he thought we were going to have that tonight), so I added half a peach for him and it added some more color and flavor.
    After that, he moaned about the leeks, said he didn’t like them so I reminded him he eats it at my mom’s without complaining and he replied with “I know, but they’re not good with this”, so – eventually – I plucked as much of the leeks out of his plate.
    It needed a bit of reheating after this “operation” and I figured he would finish it easier.
    Then he asked me if he could leave some of the spinach.


    Kids and trying new things to eat!!!!

    I didn’t think it was all that bad for a first try, but I’m sure it’d be a lot tastier coming out of *your* kitchen.
    Either way, I’ll have to try it again when I’ve had time to find all the ingredients and maybe when I’m alone to eat it.

    • dogl2324 says:

      Lol…well you tried. Kids are picky, that is for sure! Good for you in the attempt! 🙂 I will post something kid friendly next!

  2. Moody says:

    Off I go to find a translation of these coz that just made my mouth water (with only about half the ingredients recognisable to me “at first sight”).

    I don’t like capers and I rarely cook with oil, but I guess I’ll just have to give it a try. I’m sure it’ll be just as good without the capers.

    Do you serve anything along with that?
    Jacket potato maybe or some pasta? That would make it a fab dish for my kid too and we could enjoy it together. Would keep me from having to cook 2 separate meals.


    • dogl2324 says:

      Hi Moody!

      You could totally serve it with a baked potato or whole wheat pasta, maybe some quinoa but since it was just me…I did not make anything additional to go with it. 🙂
      Yay for not having to cook two different meals! How are you doing?


      • Moody says:

        I’m doing pretty ok. Going swimming again tomorrow and hopefully fall into a decent rhythm for that now. I decided to get some pills too. I already took them for a while last time I tried to lose weight, but I didn’t see it through then. I will now.
        These pills only help you absorb less fat from your meal, so it’s not like they promise a magical weightloss without any kind of effort. Your BMI has to be at least 30 before you can even GET them, but since I’m close to 36 …..
        They also suggest you don’t start taking these unless you’ve altered your food habits already. It’s no use taking them when you go out for a burger, fries and tons of mayo because they’ll do you no good at all.

        I’ll definitely have to learn how to cook some decent meals. I usually cook the basic stuff and so does my mom, so whenever I eat there, it’s pretty much “potatoes, meat and veggies” and that’s it. Nothing fancy, nothing “exotic”.
        I’ll definitely try this recipe this weekend, I have my kid so I’ll be cooking and I’ll add some rice maybe (even though I usually eat loads of that, which isn’t good either)

        Looking forward to reading more and finding lots of yummy recipes.

        Take care!

  3. John Simpson says:

    Sounds delicious. Love you!

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