we all love our pets….

** This is a day late, computer issues. 🙁 All fixed now!


I worked the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry  this morning. If you don’t know what that means, it is a sister organization to ‘Recycled Doggies” that was created when Shannon and Shera realized the need for pet food assistance to keep animals in loving homes with folks who just needed some assistance with food for their pets instead of giving them up to shelters because they can’t afford to feed them.

I have worked the distribution days for about a year now, missing only a few times. Today was a beautiful day out and I was a “runner” whose job it is to run the food out in shopping carts to people and assist them in loading the food into their cars. Some people are clearly in need, some are clearly embarrassed to be there, some I hug each month because in the long walk to their cars we chat about life, they share a bit of themselves with me and I with them, sometimes I laugh, many times I cry, some drive cars held together with duct tape and spit, some drive nice cars  you would not expect, everyone there loves their pets. The people who stand in line for hours, feeble, in walkers, in pain, old and young, some smile and some don’t, in rain, in snow, in the humidity you could cut with a knife and in the bitter cold that cuts right through you. They come every month without fail.

All of the sudden I find my judgments go right out the window….I just don’t care about making assumptions, judging these people, or thinking I am in any way better than they are….we all love our pets…and that is enough for me.




  1. JB says:

    Yes, we do love them, as the many photos of F and P on my page show you!

    By the way, did you know that in Ohio we have a special statute like many states which provides for setting up a trust for your pets’ care after you are gone? This was a very positive development in the law when this began to be adopted in the various states.

    • dogl2324 says:

      Okay, I love that their is the option to do that for your pets!! Who for most of us are like family! Does KY have the same statute?

      We have to get together soon…been a little too long! 🙂

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