just what you need, just when you need it.

I am finding this to be the case more and more. The more I just trust in people, in this process, in myself I am finding it’s just what I need, just when I need it. No matter what I might think I need at any particular moment. Today I was thinking about just how much of a blessing this whole project has turned out to be. It’s only the first 3 weeks! I am down almost 20lbs, I have heard from people all over the world, I am raising money for the organization and dogs I love so much, I have connected with some very special people from my past, one in particular today who reminds me that true friends really are friends for life.

I just feel so dang good. My knees hurt a little less, it’s easier to move and I had no problem walking a few miles tonight, and would have walked farther had it not been for the rain. Then there is Tristan…he is an outside fool, he about runs me over to get out the door to the backyard. He is happy. Every time he races outside and suddenly stops to sniff a flower or looks up at a bird or the sky I am so thankful. I would never in a million years have thought he could give me such inspiration, such strength…but he does. How was I to know when I was crawling around under the bed just so I could see his face, reading to him to try to stop him from howling at all hours, or cleaning up his potty pads day after day after day….that he came along just in time, and was just what I needed.



  1. Kate E. says:

    I’m so proud of Tristan! I can’t believe he is now going outside without any prompting! Now if only you could teach him not to knock the other puppies into the pond… 😉

    Congrats, Lori. Keep it up, and I’ll see you on your walk next week!

  2. Moody says:

    Hey Lori,

    You are so right.
    Just what you need, when you need it.

    That’s you!!

    Just when I needed it.
    When I needed the motivation, inspiration and guidance to take care of myself before it’s too late and I end up in a wheelchair.

    I have been telling myself for so long that I should do something about it. My mom keeps telling me. My *body* keeps telling me.
    But now’s the time.
    The time for me to actually do this and do it for real.

    I had another swim last night.
    Two hours in the pool, putting in lap after lap after lap. Did half an hour of practically non-stop laps with flippers first (warming up and focusing on building up muscle power again in my leg after my surgery), then I left the flippers off and swam without them for another half hour. My heart was almost beating out of my chest, but I kept going, stopping only shorty to catch my breath and keep from passing out. After another bathroom break, I put the flippers back on and put in another half hour of “power-swimming”. The last half hour was without them once more, in the small pool (the big one was getting too crowded). Today, I was sore (I overdid myself a little), but my knee is feeling great. No pain whatsoever today!! That’s a small miracle because usually it’s painful all day long.

    That’s your doing.
    Your inspiration.
    Your devotion.

    That’s why you crossed my path.
    You embarked on a mission to save lives.
    I don’t think canine lives are the only ones you’ll be saving though.

    Thank you!

    • dogl2324 says:


      What a wonderful post!! Thank you so so much! I really feel like we all inspire each other around here! I am inspired of your dedication to make the change! Look at you rocking it out on the swimming! I am glad your knee is feeling good! I am convinced swimming is going to be very important to me going forward! I just love how I get such a great workout, feel good doing it and I am sore but my joints are not aching afterwards! Keep up the good work, I am totally inspired by it!!! 🙂

  3. Debbie Rasnick says:

    It’s definitely a two way street when you foster. You get as well as give!!!

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