All I really needed to know I learned in Tae Kwon Do class….

Tonight I went to my 5 year old God-daughters Tae Kwon Do class. Remember when I said I was done ignoring what the world has to teach me, well I felt like tonight there was much to learn.

I walked in not knowing ANYTHING about Tae Kwon Do, of course I am thinking karate kid cause the cute little outfits are similar. The thing I do know is that my Gracie is amazing. No really, she is. She is the most amazing 5 year old bundle of spunk and attitude and sweetness you will ever meet. I adore her and I make sure to show her and tell her every time I see her. Yes, she was totally adorable in her little white outfit with her belt and pant legs rolled up cause she is the smallest one in the class. Yes, she was even cuter when she had her tongue stuck out concentrating on her kick moves.

As I watched this class of all ages, all different shapes, all different skill levels  I was blown away at what I saw. The older more experienced participants helped the younger novices. Everyone encouraged one another, and no one was made to feel bad if they couldn’t accomplish a task or move. As long as you tried your best, that was enough. There were no attitudes, no egos but there was tons of respect, acknowledging each other and inspiration. Grace worked hard in the hour class,  listening , learning, watching the others and when it was her turn to try a kick or punch she was giving it her all. At the end of the hour her gyo-san-nim (instructor) not sinse as my visions of Mr. Miyagi where squished,  told the class that they had done a good job during their time in class, he then spoke about respect. He said the respect between student and teacher was very important because they need each other, they must work together. The student respects the teacher for teaching and the teacher respects the student for learning.

To sum up what I learned from this class without ever stepping on the mat:

When we work together we get further.

When we respect each other we learn more.

When we do our very best, it is enough.

When we wear our hair in cute pigtails,  Aunt Lori does the “pull a quarter from behind  the ear” trick.

All very important!

Go Gracie! I love you!







  1. Veronica says:

    So I’m catching up on your blog and through the entries I’ve cried while reading, the entries I laughed out loud and the entries where I thought my heart would break this is the one I couldn’t pass up. Gracie IS amazing. I have had the great pleasure of teaching her myself and I find her spunk, determination and strength invigorating. She reminds me to be kind, to be respectful and to never give up. I’m a red belt. Red stands for blood. Blood stands for lots of hard work. Most people quit at this level. I won’t because I want to be there to see Gracie get her black belt. There is so much power in love no matter the size of the package.

  2. Moody says:

    Yay for kids and martial arts classes!!
    My son’s been taking classes for 4 years now (he actually started when he was only 4 or 5, but that was just during summer break, now he’s doing it on a weekly basis) and it’s really amazing how the master (teacher/founder of the club) has a way to instore respect without being too strict. There’s always a lot of fun and laughter during the class and my kid loves it, but then there’s also the discipline. When the master says stop, he means stop. If you ignore him, you’ll feel his ‘wrath’. And depending on whether you’re a hard nut to crack or just slipped up once, that wrath can come in different shapes (and degrees of pain). Some will just take a pinch in the arm or a kick in the butt, others will be disciplined during a “fight” with the master in which case he will put more strength and use his weight differently. The hard nuts either quit because they can’t handle the discipline, or learn and show respect.

    It’s great for their confidence and it’s fabulous for self defense!
    It’s just basically an overall WIN-situation.

  3. Amy says:

    Gracie loves you, too!! “When we do our best, it is enough” That’s good advice. It can be easy to be too hard on yourself and beat yourself up for failures. I just have to strive to do my best and try harder the next day.

    We love you, girl! So very thankful to have you in our lives!!


  4. John Simpson says:

    Such a contrast from yesterday’s blog. Thanks you for sharing the joy, too!

    • dogl2324 says:

      It’s funny now I decide what I am going to write about…..not really a rhyme or reason to it. I do carry around a little note pad for ideas. Love you, and love that you are reading these! xo

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