Fine. I admit it.

You know the goofy nutri-grain commercial with the lady choosing the stairs over the escalator, the salad over the gigantic burrito, the fruit over the brownie…and…wait for it….the nutri-grain bar over the DONUT! I have seen that commercial a zillion times and a zillion times my reaction has pretty much been the same….”suck it lady!”

Well it’s time to admit I was wrong and tell you about my day.

This morning I was running late to work and thought to myself… Hmm, you have been really good and it IS Friday (as if calories don’t attach themselves to my inner thighs on Fridays!)  and you could stop and get a….NO! Get the homemade granola you baked last night and a banana and move on with your day. I was pretty happy with myself once I got to work. I was meeting a friend for lunch this afternoon, now keep in mind I have not eaten out (except for a salad at panera which had 270 calories) in 22 days. That is a long time for me. I like to eat out, I like good food, I do personal chef work when I can, I know good food. I love bacon and pork belly and the savory bread pudding at “Honey” in Northside with the beurre blanc  and caramelized leeks with blood orange…well, you get it.  Anyway, at lunch which was not at Honey fortunately (or unfortunately), for a nano-second I thought…well you could get a ….Noooo don’t do it! Instead I got a really good veggie burger that they make in house and I said don’t even put the chips on the plate…but I will have a cup of the vegetable chicken soup and an icy cold sierra nev….uh, water, I had water. Feeling pretty good.

Later that afternoon, we had a baby shower to celebrate at work. I knew what was going to be up there and I told myself “you can do it!” I made myself look at the blog and FB site and all the encouraging words before I left, and I looked at the pictures of Tristan and Journey at the shelter then off I went E.M.P.O.W.E.R.E.D !  The elevator doors open and I have one foot out and BAM the foul sweet stench smacks me in the face…I smell icing.  The good icing not crap grocery store icing…butter cream icing.  Like a bloodhound on a drug bust my nose leads me right to the crime scene. Yes there was fruit, and sherbert (which was put there for me by a wonderfully sweet co-worker!) …and there was giant iced cookies, and cake and little chocolate things in pink crinkly wrappers from this well known swanky little shoppe of decadent pastry horrors. I panicked….then I quickly made eye contact with a co-worker and blurted out “I am not eating any of those!” she knew the drill, she is on the list of people I can call should I have a meltdown. She calmly looked at me and said “Nope, you’re not” (Thank you Jules) I said it out loud to someone so it was done, the choice had been made and it was not an issue. I had a cup of coffee and I watched folks enjoy their desserts and felt proud of myself!

Just like the bubbly little brunette in the commercial, I not only took the steps at the end of the day, I stopped at the park and took a walk on my way home!  All joking aside, it really is true that one good decision leads to another and I am at day 23 of making good decisions and it feels awfully good!





  1. Moody says:

    You absolutely ROCK!!!
    You resisted temptation.
    Actually no, scratch that … You kicked temptation in the face and sent it packing!!!!

    I am totally applauding you!
    At this rate, you’re gonna knock those pounds off in no time!

    Way to go!!!

  2. Rita Morgan says:

    Lori, are you bucking for a “Subway/Jared” commercial deal with nutri-grain? If not, you totally should be!! This is exsctly what they would look for. Who is your manager? Get them on the horn!
    Well done, you rock!

  3. Matt Geller says:

    SO proud of you Lori!!

  4. Bobbie says:

    Wow! Awesome! Wish I had some of your willpower and determination.

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