Ugh…I found today to be hard. I am not sure why really. Has nothing to do with food, did not make any bad choices. I just don’t feel very good and at first I thought “who want’s to hear that?” but it is what it is. I promised honesty. The truth is, it was just a hard day. I find myself sad for reasons I can’t even begin to get my head around…once I do, maybe I will write about it. Here is the important lesson in today. People have bad days, sometimes it’s for a specific reason, sometimes it’s not…but I did not eat a bag of chips, or a dozen donuts. I just sat in it and felt bad and that is part of life. I am learning a new way to do it, a better way, a way that does not involve filling the emptiness with icing, burgers or cheese nibs. (eww those choices sound gross together!) I am going to go to bed now, snuggle with the dogs and wake up tomorrow with something much wittier to say, I promise.





  1. Heather says:

    Hang in there Lori…there are always going to be tough days. Its the time of year..I wish you better days ahead and strength to cope with the bad ones when they happen 🙂

  2. Moody says:

    Hope you’re feeling better when you read this, Lori.
    Bad days are sadly part of the deal.
    They don’t always come with a reason.

    Sometimes I find myself crying for no reason and hugging my body pillow (yay for that “companion” in bed) and I’ll just cry myself to sleep without even knowing what the heck I’m crying about.

    Or I’ll throw a fit because I can’t get into the pants I wanted to wear and that alone is enough to ruin my entire day. It frustrates me to an extent you cannot imagine and I can’t even explain why. Yeah, so I gained some weight, but does that *really* mean I need to be throwing a fit and trashing my room????

    Bad days come and bad days go.
    This one will go.
    You may never know or understand why it came in the first place.
    Maybe it just needed some company and it chose you.
    Who knows.
    Maybe this bad day was having a bad day of its own and it decided to come visit you, maybe hoping for you to cheer it up.

    And you did great not giving in or breaking down and stuffing yourself as an answer to that “bad” knock on your door.

    Bad days don’t matter.
    Not really.
    They’re just hard to get through, but you made it and you should be proud of yourself for not breaking down. I know I am!!
    Don’t give up!
    Never give up!
    Not over a bad day.

    Mine was tough in other ways. I was sore as hell and really tired after my swim last night, which is a good thing, but not really. Had a *really* hard time dragging my butt out of bed this morning and I would’ve wanted nothing more than to roll over and go back to sleep. I couldn’t. I had to get up and get going. You know what? I got to the end of it.
    So can you.

    And I totally agree with Bob. If you’re having a hard time, just come back here and read all about your progression, about your determination, about how you are an inspiration to so many others.
    I’m sure that’ll lift your spirits, even if it’s just enough to make it through the day.

    Keep your chin up!!

  3. Rachel says:

    I can totally relate, Lori. I was having a hard day myself yesterday, for reasons I did know about, but I’ve also had down days where it was unexplained. I was somewhat dreading that I had agreed to do that Zumba class because I just wanted to wallow in my sadness yesterday. But I went to the class and sure enough by the end of it, I was feeling better and my mood was lifted. I took my frustration and sadness out on that floor. The sadness crept back in a little bit later that night but not with nearly the same ferocity it was hitting me earlier. Reminds me of Legally Blonde…”Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.” : )

  4. Bob W. says:

    I agree with John. There will be sad days and difficult days and days you want to throw your hands up and say I give. On days like that, all you need do is go back and read your blog entries and the progress you made and all the wonderful decisions and all the great comments by your “admirers” and “groupies”. I would bet that would bring a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day.

    And even if that doesn’t work, just hanging out with your furry kids should temper that sadness. Just look at how far Tristan has come. Bask in that. He is who he is, but you have given him so much love and so much caring and giving him a chance for the life that all doggies should have. It is because of you that he is returning to his more normal self. My dear, if that doesn’t make you feel good, then we need to talk 🙂

    But I also wanted to tell you how much of an inspiration you have been to me. I am in a position or state of body where I need to make some changes to get some numbers where they should be. And I have faced some challenges over just this past week. But I can face those temptations, or face the down moments, because I think about you and what you ARE accomplishing and it motivates me. It gives me the drive and the courage to make the right, or at least better, decisions for my actions. So you are helping me in ways you don’t know, and for that I am immensely GRATEFUL.

    So it’s ok to be down or sad. But thank you for just being you.

  5. John Simpson says:

    You’ve got a few more of these days in the next 11+ months. It’s OK. You have been stellar so far.

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