three men and a lady…

I have often wondered if losing my Dad at a fairly young age fuels my need to have strong relationships with the men in my life. While I have some amazing female friends which I am sure I will write about in the near future this post is about a few of the men in my life. These men in their own ways have each made me a better person…

John-My dad’s name was John so I have to tell you that sometimes I just like saying John’s name out loud. It just makes me happy to just say the word… even though I never called my dad by his first name! John is my voice of reason, the one who can tell me the answer I may not want to hear but the answer I desperately need to hear. He is strong, kind, and very much a man of honor. He challenges me to think things through in a different way, I can never take the easy way out when discussing  an issue with John, he challenges me to think outside the box. We have been through a lot together and when my heart has been broken, or when life gets a little too hard, it is John I seek out… staggering into him a bawling mess closing my eyes and pretending for just a moment that my Dad’s arms are wrapped safely around me. If my Dad could have met my John, I know they would have been great friends.

Gabe- Gabe is very special to me, he might find it surprising that his name is on this list, but I hope not. Gabe is a Personal Trainer who I have worked with for many years. Unfortunately I am not currently training with him and it makes me sad, but if I win that lottery he is the very first thing I would purchase… well, sessions with him anyway! Gabe is the only person who has ever made me feel good about my body. Now this may sound crazy but I will try to explain. When he trains me, he walks the brilliant line between never letting me give up and never setting me up to fail. He always makes me feel worthy of myself, his time and the effort I put in… I have never felt “too fat” and as a matter of fact when I am working with him, I never even think about my size. He has taken from me what no one else has been able to do…when I am working with him he takes away the shame I carry. I never even knew how that felt before him but it is as if he gently lifts it from me and protects me from it for the 60 minuets I am with him. I hope he knows what kind of gift that is for someone who has carried a huge suitcase of shame around with them most of their life. He has been a blessing and the lessons I have learned from him will stay with me forever.

Scott- He is the man I spend the most time with, the one who listens to me without fail, even if he doesn’t want to, as we share an office space and he sits about 10 feet from me all-day-long!  I think I spend more waking hours with him than his wife does. Scott is just about he best listener someone could ask for.  He has been so so supportive of this journey and I can count on him to have my back in times that I need someone to watch out for me. He warns me when their is birthday cake in the kitchen, he is willing to talk through just about any of my crazy meltdowns, he knows me, my faults, my issues, my insecurities and somehow he likes me anyway… that is luck, a blessing and a true friend.


Many more postings of the incredible people in my life still to come as we go through the next year….





  1. Tina says:

    Great to hear that Gabe made such a positive impact for you! I hope I did too! ;o) I always liked him…I wonder how he is doing? It looks like Brian is doing great! Too bad things didn’t work out for me with him…then again, I might not have been pursuing my dream had I continued there… Everything happens for a reason, right?

  2. Lillian says:

    You’re so lucky to have these men in your life.

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