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food. is. everywhere.

It seems like it’s at every event, every gathering, around every corner I turn. It has been a huge learning curve trying to balance and make sense of it. I don’t think I really realized how much I had been eating out. I am a social person, it’s my nature to be with people, to go out, to be involved with groups and that generally means food.  I am trying to  pick wisely, and I have eaten out only four times so far in the last 37 days. It is not easy. Even gatherings at work or social shin digs I attend, the food follows me around, it’s kinda like a giant video game of dodging cheese cubes, cookies and cocktails.

I have make the choice to say no to many things. If  I can’t attend or participate and have something healthy to eat or be able to control having my “favorite” thing at the particular restaurant then I have said no to going there. I am hoping once I have established some guidelines and feel a little more settled I will be able to fine that line where I can enjoy and indulge in a healthy way. Right now I don’t trust myself completely and I think that like anything else I have to earn the trust. It’s a fine line between missing out on life events and making smart choices so that I can accomplish my goals and be healthy long term. My friends have been great about letting me pick the restaurants. I look at the menu ahead of time and plan out what healthy options they have before going, it seems easier when there is not the spree of the moment pressure to deal with.  If I know there is going to be food at an event but don’t know if there will be healthy options, then I eat at home before I go and then if there are veggies or fruit or a healthy offering then I can have a little. It’s reaaaallllyyyy hard not to partake in the celebration of sugary, fried, cheesy, delicious food though! These decisions are part of doing it differently and in the end nothing tastes quite as good as being a little bit thinner feels.

Anybody have any tips that they find helpful?

Here is to a safe and beautiful weekend everyone! Thank you all for reading and for all the comments, private e-mails and donations. It is the backbone of what I am doing and I can’t thank you enough.










  1. J says:


    A mutual friend directed me to your blog. I’m starting from the beginning, so please forgive me for commenting on an old post.

    I’m trying to lose 100lbs by 9/1 as well, and I feel your socializing pain. I wanted to share a thought with you that has always helped me through these occasions.

    If I am going to splurge, it is going to be on something totally fricking AWESOME. Not some unknown plate of whatever the lady down the hall baked up. Not random eats at a party. Definitely not mediocre chain restaurant food. It’s not worth the splurge. Now, my mom’s scratch-made Cherries ‘n’ Chocolate cake? Yes, please, I *will* have a slice and will not feel bad about it. (As long as I incorporate it into my daily budget).

    Too many times I’ve tried tantalizing-looking treats only to find them “meh” at best. And for the few that were outstanding…well…what I don’t know can’t hurt me. I pretend they’ll all be disappointing and not worth it.

    Love your blog!

    • dogl2324 says:

      Thank you so much for reading and posting and commenting! 😉 I totally agree, I am not interested in store bought ANYTHING but something home made that is tended to with love and has awesome ingredients, I am going to allow myself to enjoy a bit of something like that! I just find that as I go along, for me it’s all about planning and looking ahead for the week and what social things I want to allow myself to partake in and which ones I will be eating before I go and having a soda water with lime and have a a great time with the people there. Learning life is not about the food, even thought it’s EVERYWHERE! Thank you for reading and I am totally rooting for you and sending good vibes! Let me know how you are doing! Lori

  2. Bay says:

    You’re totally right – Hungry Girl is kind of a fakey-fake food thing [and I do avoid that]. On the other hand, what’s the harm in an occasional swap of something? I wouldn’t live on her recipes, but Her oatmeal trick [adding twice the liquid and cooking twice as long] is really handy. Makes a huge bowl. And I love the microwave egg cups for breakfast. 😉

    But really, I’m all about Katie’s blog because it’s all so EASY. I’m not a talented cook or anything. The almond milk ice cream is fantastic.

    And if you’re ever in Seattle…

    • dogl2324 says:

      I think she definitely has some great tricks and your right once in a while to get you through the occasional swap is great. Katie’s blog rocks…I have a list of things I am going to try out! Thank you so much for that recommendation! I (heart) Seattle….Pike Place, Lark, Seattle Opera, and well Brandi Carlile need I say more…love love love her stuff! 🙂

  3. Rita Morgan says:

    I agree with all of the “be conscious of everything you put in your mouth! it’s easy to eat unconsciously when you are socializing.” comments. Basics, like chewing food thoroughly, drinking lots of h20, breathing deeply, helps to keep your stomach and mind “balanced”. When you are mindful, you are more inclined to see things as they really are (i.e., not eating just to eat, but eating to nourish yourself) and it’s easier to make better choices.

  4. jessy says:

    it’s true that dieting and social obligations don’t always mix. but there are some ways around it!
    here are some things that i think help you stack on track:

    Do not go to a party very hungry. The hungrier you feel, the more you eat.

    Always use a small plate. This way, you will feel not guilty when you fill it up.

    If you want to try all the dishes served, eat one bite of everything.

    eat a big, healthy breakfast. it will help keep you from overeating the rest of the day.

    be conscious of everything you put in your mouth! it’s easy to eat unconsciously when you are socializing.

    if you are eating out, don’t be afraid to ask for something to be prepared without sauce/oil/cheese. most restaurants are used to catering to people with special diets.

    offer to bring a dish or two that you can eat. you can fill up on healthy stuff and indulge in just a few treats.

    i think it helps to be realistic, and not have an all or nothing mentality. if you eat treats on occasion, it won’t ruin all your progress. just keep it reasonable, and be aware of your intake the rest of the day. often a very small portion is enough to satisfy you, especially since your body is adjusting to eating healthier and less.

    • dogl2324 says:

      Jess, these are great suggestions! I have been eating a more substantial breakfast…egg white/veggie omelet or oatmeal and fruit I do find it helps me get to lunch without a snack. Thanks for the post!!!

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