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food. is. everywhere.

It seems like it’s at every event, every gathering, around every corner I turn. It has been a huge learning curve trying to balance and make sense of it. I don’t think I really realized how much I had been eating out. I am a social person, it’s my nature to be with people, to go out, to be involved with groups and that generally means food.  I am trying to  pick wisely, and I have eaten out only four times so far in the last 37 days. It is not easy. Even gatherings at work or social shin digs I attend, the food follows me around, it’s kinda like a giant video game of dodging cheese cubes, cookies and cocktails.

I have make the choice to say no to many things. If  I can’t attend or participate and have something healthy to eat or be able to control having my “favorite” thing at the particular restaurant then I have said no to going there. I am hoping once I have established some guidelines and feel a little more settled I will be able to fine that line where I can enjoy and indulge in a healthy way. Right now I don’t trust myself completely and I think that like anything else I have to earn the trust. It’s a fine line between missing out on life events and making smart choices so that I can accomplish my goals and be healthy long term. My friends have been great about letting me pick the restaurants. I look at the menu ahead of time and plan out what healthy options they have before going, it seems easier when there is not the spree of the moment pressure to deal with.  If I know there is going to be food at an event but don’t know if there will be healthy options, then I eat at home before I go and then if there are veggies or fruit or a healthy offering then I can have a little. It’s reaaaallllyyyy hard not to partake in the celebration of sugary, fried, cheesy, delicious food though! These decisions are part of doing it differently and in the end nothing tastes quite as good as being a little bit thinner feels.

Anybody have any tips that they find helpful?

Here is to a safe and beautiful weekend everyone! Thank you all for reading and for all the comments, private e-mails and donations. It is the backbone of what I am doing and I can’t thank you enough.










  1. Moody says:

    Oh and I just found this site too

    When you scroll down, you get to a category called “guilt-free treat”.
    Doesn’t THAT sound great????

  2. Moody says:

    Life’s a bitch at times, isn’t she??
    When you need it least, she’s there offering what she *knows* will make you “feel better”.

    I’ve tried so many times to shed some weight, but each time I’ve tried, I did it radically for a while (as in replacing meals with “special” bars or shakes or whatever) You can keep that up for a while, but once you go back to eating “normally”, everything you lost just comes right back.

    This time, I’m doing it differently. I’m still eating, just eating less. And most importantly, I’m not eating “absentmindedly” anymore. The pack of chips on my desk or in my lap when I’m watching TV, the box of chocolate covered nuts on my desk that is empty before I even realize I was eating them.
    I eat fruit, I cut back on soda (but haven’t cut it out because I know I can’t), I’ll “hold the mayo” with dinner (which I used to have with just about anything), I eat more veggies, I have a soup instead of a “loaded” sandwich for lunch, I go swimming once a week.
    It all helps a little, but many little things make for a big change at the end of the day.

    I stumbled across a TV show the other day and I think it was called “eat yourself slim” or something like it. What they did (and I guess that’s the way they work all the time), was take this lady’s favorite foods and snacks and made them better. Healthier ingredients, different way of preparing it. They sent her on her way with a list of her favorites “made over” and went back to check on her a few weeks later. The idea (but then again, this is TV) is that the person they help out, loses a clothes size by the time they go back.

    I just checked it and it’s “cook yourself slim” and here’s a website with recipes

    We all might find something interesting to cook tonight …. I konw I’ve been checking on your recipes (and writing the ingredients down this time).
    I’ll have to see if I can find all of that at my supermarket.

    • dogl2324 says:

      I went through and had to detox my kitchen not only of “bad” food, but of the ingredients to make things like cookies, cheesecakes, icing…many times if I wanted it…I would just make it…which is a problem. I have seen Cook yourself thin and I think they had some pretty good tricks as I recall. I may have too look into it again…I know they made a chocolate cake using roasted beets…which I think would actually be great! Thanks for the info and for sharing the link Moody!

  3. Debbie Rasnick says:

    Definitely talk to the kitchen. If you have a favorite dish at a favorite restaurant call and see what they can do to make it as tasty but more healthy….. different cooking method, differnt sauce base but same spices, etc. Many restaurants have things that aren’t on the menu but are available. Like Bay said, ask, don’t be shy (and we know you aren’t. 😉 )If you find you’re being ambushed at work try keeping some good treats on hand and fall back on them when faced with the sugary stuff. Its tough but you are tougher!!!

    • dogl2324 says:

      You are right and I need to be better about asking for what I want especially in nicer places. I always feel like I am insulting the chef’s vision of something if I ask for it without the sauce or the brown butter or whatever, but I am going to have to do it! What are you saying Debbie? I am SHY!…okay until I get to know you then I am a loud mouth! 🙂

  4. Bay says:

    1. If you can bring a dish, bring ‘clean’ food and polish it off yourself 😉 Broccoli and carrot sticks in low calorie dressing [or just Balsamic vinegar] is excellent.

    2. Tell the kitchen what you want, and don’t be shy. My stomach reacts badly to grease, so when we go to our favorite Greek place I order lemon rice soup and the pita bread NOT brushed with oil. My boyfriend gets to eat whatever he likes, but I don’t get a stomach ache.

    3. Remember that the reason for social occasions is to be social, not inhale food. Sip an elegant seltzer with lime, and share wit, not calories.

    4. Hungry Girl is an excellent resource for remaking food you want but can’t have right now. []. Promise yourself you’ll make the same thing, healthier, the next day.

    5. I also love She has a healthy desert blog, and I’ve loved everything I’ve tried.

    • dogl2324 says:

      Hi Bay!

      I love your tips! You are right, it’s like Deb said…MUST ask the kitchen what I want and need! I am liking spritzers with fresh orange or lime in a fancy glass.
      I was looking at the Hungry Girl stuff and some of it look great, she does seem to use a lot of “fake” ingredients which I try to avoid is that just me or have you noticed that as well? Katie’s blog is rocking!! I am going to try some of her stuff for sure! Thank you girl for taking the time to write this!


  5. Michele Hays says:

    I saw this a while back and thought a lot of the advice was really good…some of the tricks won’t work for you, but some might:

    Also, Brian Wansink is the top behavioral scientist when it comes to food and behavior; I’ve brought his work to the attention of our school district – check out his website:

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