Too much chocolate cake, is too much chocolate cake!

No, I did not eat too much chocolate cake, I actually did not eat any chocolate cake at all but this is something a friend of mine is always saying and it makes so much sense. No matter how good something is, no matter what it is, if you eat too much of it, it’s bad.

This weekend I ate very well and I got in some great exercise and was feeling really good. Last night I made a big pot of soup with lots of great veggies, lean chicken, whole wheat orzo and I had a bowl for dinner. It was so good, I couldn’t believe how good the soup tasted to me. I had gone for a bike ride in the morning, bartended in the afternoon at my part-time job at Playhouse in the Park then played with the dogs in the backyard in between doing a bunch of chores around the house. A pretty active day..and I was hungry so I ate another bowl of soup. It was very clear to me at the end of my second bowl that too much good soup…is too much good soup. I generally eat what I have portioned out and its a done deal, I will finish my meal and immediately start doing other things. I do not really give myself the option of having seconds.

It made me reflect on a lifetime of eating too much of a good thing or in many cases bad things. After a month of not overeating it was kinda shocking how bad it felt to eat too much of something, even healthy soup. So so many calories consumed with little or no thought put into what was going into my body for years upon years. I have to say I think that in a country where the “super-sized” mentality is shoved down our throats it is easy to just go along with the big gulp, triple cheeseburger, extra, extra cheese, fries for days, mentality and not question what we are putting in our bodies. They want us to believe more is better. I am here to tell you more is not better. Like anything else when not used in moderation it is a recipe for disaster. My goal is to not put any of the fast food in my body again, it is just not worth it for me. As I learn more about industry farming and the abuse that happens because we just can’t mass produce and kill chickens, pigs and cows fast enough we have to shoot them full of hormones to speed things up and satisfy our need for more, more, more. I know this sounds kinda of preachy and that is really not my intent. I was very ignorant for a very long time and the result was a kid who graduated from college wearing a big men’s size 72 pants. I understand that fast food alone did not make me fat, but it certainly held out it’s welcoming hand and walked with me down that road.

Not too terribly long ago I would have considered a “Tuna Melt” from a well know sub place that likes to use the word “toasty” in it’s slogan a “healthier” option…without even considering the 1,740 calories or 135 grams of fat I would be putting into my body. I don’t assume anything anymore, I am just not willing to pay the price. My body has suffered enough at the hands of my ignorance already. I am trying to treat it right, and find a way to make up for the damage done. I realize now, that in fact I am worth it.


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