pokemon, captain jack and a hug from dad…

Sometimes it’s nice to remember what it feels like to be a kid. It’s nice to get wrapped up in their wonderment of it all, and for just a moment step back into childhood on a magic Pokemon carpet ride. I spent time with two amazing kids tonight. My friend Carolyn and her husband Chris were nice enough to invite me to join the splendid chaos that involves two adorable boys, two stunningly beautiful dogs and a whole lot of laughing.

Since starting this project, I have been leery of going to someone’s house for dinner, this is only the second time . I was worried that the social association with food would bring me down if I partook, that I would not be able to enjoy food without overindulging, without consequences without guilt. If there was a good time, and place it would be with Carolyn. The whole family is vegetarian embracing  local, sustainable and organic when possible….so I knew it would be safe….well safer, the choices are still mine to make. Too much of anything, is still too much of anything, even if it’s healthy.  As I was enjoying a little wine, and a fabulous dinner of vegetarian sheppard’s pie, salad and a slice of whole grain bread… everything was so so good. Why was this food so good? Don’t get me wrong, the food WAS really good, but there was also something about being in this place with such a loving family, the chaos of Captain Jack on the table trying to steal the cheese, the laughter, the kids trying to teach me to play pokemon (holy god is that complicated!!) and show me tricks with string and questions and laughing, lots of laughing and I can’t not mention the howling duet between Chris and Captain Jack! The meal was not rushed, chatting about jobs, experiences and the kids participating in the conversations was really lovely. I got a kick out of telling ghost stories to the kids who had very big eyes when I mentioned the “lady in white” that roams the halls of Music Hall. It was much more than a meal to me, for just a few hours it felt so nice to be in the middle of a family, even if only as a visitor who felt very blessed to partake.  On the way home I thought about my Dad, about how much I miss him, and what I would  give to be able to crawl on his lap for a big bear hug before bedtime just one more time.

Last night before I fell asleep I could smell my Dad’s cologne linger in the air, it happens sometimes and I am always amazed the timing of when it occurs. It permeates the air and surrounds me with his unmistakable presence in the most soothing manner you can imagine. I am never frightened by it but I won’t let myself wish for it or hope that it happens.   My Dad’s birthday is next week so I am thinking he just stopped by to say hello…

Thank you to my friends for showing me that there is a way to enjoy it all and walk away satisfied, inspired, and a little sore from laughing so much!



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