last dance with Mary Jane…

So tomorrow is Halloween, and I have to say this is the first year in…well ever that I can remember, that I will not be eating any Halloween candy. Now you may be saying, but Lori Halloween is not over yet, what if you break down and have some? For 60 days now my strategy when I have been faced with the potential of eating something that is not in my plan or something that has the power to trigger me into binge eating is this: I have said out loud to someone in my life, be it a friend, co-worker or yes complete stranger “I am not having and of XYZ”. Tonight I am saying it to all of you, I will not be partaking in any Halloween candy tomorrow. Some will say, well it would be okay if you just had one piece or rewarded yourself with a treat, why not?

The truth is I don’t trust myself yet, I don’t think that mentally I can handle it and I am just not willing to risk it with Halloween candy.  Do I want a burst of creamy peanut butter from the inside of a Reese’s cup? The crunchy sweet crackle of a Twix bar? Gooey caramel inside the rich chocolate of a milky way? Yes, yes, yes. But…am I willing to take a huge step back? NO!

Treats are important and I know enough that I need to partake in and enjoy something special on occasion. Instead of Halloween candy  today I chose to enjoy a stroll through Findlay Market with two very dear friends Mel and Bob, and after a healthy salad for lunch we went to Dojo  where I had a small gelato. I chose Dojo because they use fresh local ingredients when possible and the gelato is always amazing! We sat by a window in the market, sun streaming in and enjoyed conversation, laughter and slowly savored the frozen treat. This is how I want to enjoy food. It sure beats getting to the end of the day and fishing out wrapper after wrapper of all the peanut butter Mary Janes I polished off during the course of the day then shamefully shoved the evidence in my pants like I was in 3rd grade. It all comes down to the choices I make and today I felt really good about this one!



  1. Chris says:

    Hi. I am really enjoying your blog. I always struggle with 10 pounds and I have fought those for years. Weight sucks SO much. Just very hard to maintain without feeling like you are starving half the time!

    I wanted to mention I sometimes get a jar of peanuts and sugarfree chocolate syrup and put the peanuts in a big spoon and put the chocolate syrup over them. It seems to satisfy the urge to splurge on candy and is healthier… It helps me when I start craving them…

    • dogl2324 says:

      Hi Chris!
      Lol…it does suck, there is really no other way to put it…ugh for as easy as it comes on it sure is like pulling teeth to get it off! Thanks for the idea about peanuts and SF syrup! Thank you for reading and supporting me! I really appreciate it!


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