The information I am about to tell you may seem like a bold faced lie, but the names have not been changed to to protect the innocent and the accounts are real…

Okay so today started out with my 9:00am swim with Charmaine at the gym. Everything seemed to be going along as usual… we met outside, we took the elevator up, we changed and headed to the pool where we opened the door and saw all the lanes full…WAIT…that is not what usually happens. We plopped down on the bench beside the pool…hmm what to do? Charmaine suggested we come back later but we both knew that was probably not going to happen, we were sitting right beside the pool! We were going to walk but I only had my flip flops with me…WAIT I did have shoes in my car that might work. Were they gym shoes? No. Where they going to make me look like  a gobber exercising in them? Definitely. It would not matter if we walked in the “Cardio Cinema ” room…it’s dark, no one is looking at my feet in there… Brilliant!

So we walked for half hour then when some lanes became free we went for our swim. I left the gym feeling like I was not derailed by the morning change of plans.( Thank you Charmaine) I went home and made some oatmeal, had fruit and enjoyed 4 medjool dates so that my sweet tooth  would have had something to enjoy before heading out for the rest of my day. I enjoyed breakfast while I watched the dogs chase each other and play in the sun out back.

My good friend Christine who I work with at the Opera married the love of her life Ryan last weekend in an out of town ceremony and today I was very honored to be included in the local celebration at the Hilton downtown. It was to be a dessert reception. (Gulp) but I wanted to be there, I wanted to share this special day with Christine and Ryan and I would not let the food offerings stop me! I met my friends Julie and Khoa at Music Hall and off we went to the Hilton Netherlands Plaza.  As is protocol these days I pulled Julie aside and told her I was not eating anything….not a little, not a bite, not a taste. I was there to celebrate the bride and groom not celebrate the cupcakes. Sweet Julie is so good to me, always has my back and gives me the “ugh it’s totally not worth the calories Lor” look at exactly the right moments.

Here we go….we make our may through the hotel to get to the area the private party is held. The upscale hotel is known for it’s weekend brunch…we literally had to walk THROUGH the brunch offerings to get to the stairs that lead us  up to where we are supposed to be. I walked by the carving stations for beef roasts, the massive waffle stations, giant chilled shrimp and smoked salmon, and the bacon literally danced up to me singing “na na nana na” … Ha…you have got to be kidding me. I kept walking. When someone says it’s a “dessert” reception, we all have an idea in our head what that means. Well wipe that thought clean because this was desserts on steroids, it was amazing, heaven like and  the pastry chef at this place  just competed on Bravo’s Next Top Chef Just Desserts. It was a sight to behold. There were towers of gorgeous cupcakes all with one spectacular flavor combination after the next, there were other baked delights and even servers coming around with passed desserts…little double chocolate milkshakes in test tube looking vials with whipped cream and a cherry on top, pumpkin mousse push ups each in little individual sticks, and cheese, a large cheese table with warm brie and roasted apples smeared on crusty bread oozing off the sides….

Coffee. It is what saved me, a good cup of coffee with a little real cream and sugar. Something to hold in my hands, something delicious and sweet. I had a great time chatting with folks and watching Christine and Ryan so happy together and reminded myself THAT is why you are here, no other reason.  As we made our way past the brunch buffet line as we left the party, I looked over at the waffle station and muttered to myself….”kiss it waffles”…I could have been derailed today, but I wasn’t…not this time. Tomorrow is another day, so I start all over again and remind myself this day is in the past and to look ahead to what the next day will bring.






  1. Mrs. H. ;) says:

    We’re so glad you were there to share in the festivities with us, Lori — and I’ve gotta say, there wasn’t anything in there worth having aside from that amazing coffee!! 😉

    We love you!! Keep it up!! And thanks again for popping in — it means so much to us!!

    Mrs. H & the Ry-guy

    • dogl2324 says:

      And I love you and they Ry-guy and the desserts were not why I was there but rather to celebrate you both and the start of your wonderful life together! (it helps that you said they weren’t worth it!) xo

  2. Shannon says:

    Wow, wow, WOW! That is self-control, girl! I have a friend who works at the Hilton and I’ve been to brunch there. I would have totally failed that challenge and just plunged face-first into the richest dessert. Great for you!

    • dogl2324 says:

      Oh I was scared that if left to my own devices I would have found a way to snag a tray of cupcakes and would have been found on the floor of the bathroom in a sugar coma! xo

  3. Bobbie says:

    You are amazing! I wish I had just a little of your willpower. Thanks for your commitment to save shelter dogs!

    • dogl2324 says:

      Thank you for supporting me, reading the blog! I can never forget that at the core of everything is the hope to save more dogs!

  4. julie says:

    Haha!! That is indeed an accurate account of what happened.

    And I may have been helpful in turning down the desserts, but I was helpLESS against the warm phyllo covered brie w/ brown sugar & apples… WAHHH!! Lawd have mercy.

    VERY PROUD OF YOU though. Whipping your willpower into shape is going to whip YOU into shape! (Or else – me chasing you around the gym with a $10 will do the trick. 😉 😉

    xoxo! jules

  5. Moody says:

    Sooooooooooooooo proud of you, Lori!!!
    You are getting stronger every day and you decide what you put into your mouth. The food doesn’t dictate you any more. Those days are long gone!

    This day may now be gone too, but it is one to cherish.
    Cherish the strength and conviction it is proof of.

    I went for a swim yesterday too, but not the “right” kind. I went swimming with my kid and only managed a good dozen ‘laps’ between all the playing around with him, trying to convince him to actually work on SWIMMING a little. He’s getting really good at it, but he still has a lot of work to do on the actual techniques. Oh … and he doesn’t float!!! He can’t stay afloat in the water, his little butt always sinks and pulls him down. But he’s loving the water and I had fun too. Tomorrow night, I’ll go back to the pool for my *own* routine (couldn’t go the last 2 weeks because of a parent-teacher meeting one week, and bank holidays the next) and I’m soooo looking forward to that.

    Let’s keep up the good work!!

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