hump day has never been better

It was a pretty dang good Wednesday, normally that is the day of the week reserved for getting over the hump, halfway to the weekend but for me it was great. I took the day off from work and enjoyed some time with my mom. The cooking class was a blast, mom and I had a great time with Tammy, Judi and the gang. Our table got shushed three times and we all got a big case of the giggles at the most inappropriate times. The food was good and in the end I felt really good about what I ate, no doubt it was an indulgence but I stuck to the plan and went swimming tonight and feel great about the day.

When I was at the gym tonight I walked out to the pool and the water aerobics class was finishing up. I noticed there were people of all sizes in the class, some bigger than me, and some smaller than me, so I asked the instructor if the class was full and she said no, that I am welcome to come and join in whenever I want. Some of the folks in the class chimed in “yes, you should come” “it’s so much fun” so I told the instructor that I would be back next Wednesday and that I thought I would be comfortable in the class. She touched my arm and said “Yes I think you would be very comfortable, you are safe here”….I did not cry but I felt it welling up, the simplest acts of kindness can have a very big impact.  I am very grateful for having a aqua aerobics class to add into the mix!

In addition to aqua aerobics, I am thankful for my mom, for this day, and for the small piece of homemade “Reese Cup” I enjoyed this afternoon!

Me & Mom











  1. Moody says:

    Well, I *am* crying.
    It’s such a simple thing to say, but it has so much impact on people who have always felt stared at and judged by those around them.
    Just last night, my son was mimicking a classmate of his (these kids are 11) and this other kid is one of the biggest in his class (but he’s tall too, so I wouldn’t call him fat (as if I would either way)) and even though my son never used any insulting words, the whole thing made me uncomfortable as to how he perceives this kid. Now, my son is not a bully, he’s the one who got bullied for 5 years and he’s finally grown enough to stand up for himself, so I didn’t want to say anything about that, but when he said the other kid’s probably this big because he eats french fries too often, I just *had* to step in. I told him not everyone who is “big”, eats too much. I told him some people are big because they have an illness, or -like a friend of mine- something that isn’t working properly, which leads to health issues.
    I don’t want my kid to grow up with a mean look on people who are “different”. I want him to be someone like that aqua gym teacher. Someone who will be open minded and appreciative of others, no matter what they look like.
    I can only hope for other parents to be doing the same thing. The world is ugly enough as it is. We should all be working as hard as we possibly can, to make it a better place.

    Enjoy your aqua gym classes!!!

    • dogl2324 says:

      It is sometimes the simplest of actions that mean the most. I know this class will be safe and that I have no reason to carry my shame into that pool on Wednesday night. Head up, and confidently walking to my place in the pool! It is the one thing I wish we could figure out in the world….just how to be kinder to each other. Even if we don’t understand or agree with someone else. Thank you for raising your son to be kind and compassionate!

  2. Linda Troy says:

    Blessings. So glad you had a great day with your mother, and the water aerobics class sounds great! Look how far you’ve come–stepping out to ask about the water aerobics class! Awesome!

    • dogl2324 says:

      Thanks Linda! Who knew I would be going to water aerobics! Thank you so much for your continued support, it means so much!

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