4th and down….

Yep down 4 lbs this week! I am feeling good.  I feel like my body is starting to figure out what is going on. Since the start of this project   (71 days) I have lost 28lbs. It’s November and the holiday season is going to be in full swing soon, I have to keep focused and remember Thanksgiving is not about gluttony and Christmas is not about bourbon balls and egg nog! Just a note about Thanksgiving…. At work we do a huge gluttonous feast with the other arts organizations that are tenants in Music Hall, and I am telling you it is table after table of slap yourself silly goodness. I made the decision not to go. I mentioned this to Scott who is my office mate and dear friend and one of the biggest support systems I have because he is with me 8 hours a day and sees me struggle, is my sounding board and my voice of reason, I adore him. He looked at me after I told him I was skipping the Thanksgiving day celebration and said I am not going either, we can have a healthy lunch here and celebrate. I am get choked up every time I think about it… because this is the kind of support I have in my life and I really could not be more blessed. Sooo Scott and I will feast on buttermilk soaked oven “fried” chicken, sauteed asparagus, jiccama and carrots, a caramelized fennel, cauliflower and yukon mash and a healthy apple/cherry/oatmeal crisp. I will post pics and recipes for those that would like them.

I figure it might be time for a new set of pics to be able to see a difference from the original pics that Carolyn took for me when we started. I say we because this is not just about me, and I want everyone who supports me in my everyday life, comments on the blog, who sends me e-mails of encouragement, kindness,  understanding , and folks who share their own struggles to know I would not be at this point without you. Also the monetary gifts that have been donated to Recycled Doggies are unbelievable, so thank you so much for your generosity! Long way to go…but getting closer to 350lbs sure feels better than being close to 400lb!



Ps. Tristan says HI!

Tristan and his new ball!




  1. Moody says:

    I may not know him, but I love Scott!!
    Give him a big hug from me and enjoy your *special* Thanksgiving lunch!

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