Power of Two.

From the very first time Journey and Tristan saw each other after suffering through a life of neglect and cruelty together , it was  unmistakable the special bond between them  I am not sure words can capture what happens when these two dogs are together.

Tristan has been around a number of dogs since he came to me in February but time spent with Journey is far different than time spent with any other dog, that includes his best buddy Tully. When Journey steps into his life he just can’t get enough, he wants to be with him, by him,  kissing him, leaning on him, playing with him. Journey becomes his world.

My dear friend Jessica adopted Journey a few months before I finalized my adoption with Tristan and to know that these two boys who suffered such abuse together will forever be in each other lives, makes the story that much sweeter. Most would be thrilled that the dogs are safe, loved and have been adopted but to be able to give them the gift of spending time with each other is a tremendous feeling.

Tonight Jess and I had a great healthy dinner, we let the boys play and spend time with each other then Jessica took on the brave task of cutting Tristan’s nails for me. I have written about his protectiveness of his feet, and how we think his feet suffered significant abuse…no easy task for Jessica to tackle. One nail was clipped just a wee bit too close and it bled…and bled…and (holy mother of God those suckers bleed!) Tristan lay there not happy, a little scared and a little freaked out….here comes Journey squeezing in beside him to comfort his buddy, to be there, to let him know it would be okay.

There are no words really….so will let you see for yourself….

"adding up the total of a love that's true multiply life by the power of two" e.s



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