Lori-O, PF Changs-1

Here is how it went down.

I got up this morning, went to the gym to swim with Charmaine we did a 45 minute swim and as usual had a great time together. Came home and made a mini veggie burger over spinach greens with an egg on top, took a shower and started my Day. One of my rewards to myself (non-food rewards) were tickets to see the Indigo Girls in both Columbus (tonight) and Lexington (tomorrow) well both were cancelled and I would be upset but from all indications something unfortunate  has happened in one of their worlds and for all the times their music has pulled me back  when I went dancing out to the edge all alone, I can only hope whatever personal matters that drew them away from the road will be rectified with the best possible outcome.

The four of us that were to head to Columbus for the concert decided to have dinner. I pretty much picked the place. I thought PF Changs would be a good choice. I looked at the menu, I picked wisely or so I thought. I ordered the won ton soup and the chicken lettuce wraps. I know better,I should have looked again to make sure I was reading it right, I should have written it down. I should not have ordered those dang lettuce wraps. I thought it said 150 calories…..it’s iceburg lettuce for the love of God, if you chew hard you BURN calories. Oh, it’s 150 calories but it’s 4 servings! It is not that big of a portion!  The soup not so bad…but the sodium?! Holy salt lick Batman, I am surprised random deer are not just following me around, like the pied piper of sodium.

The flip side is that I had a great time hanging with the girls and honorary girl (Greg). Also that tomorrow is another day and I am better for having the knowledge that I walked away with tonight. Kiss it PF Changs,you won’t have the upper hand again.






  1. Shera says:

    Lol! Lori, you are a hoot and a talented writer! 😉

  2. Michele Hays says:

    Seriously? Is PF Chang’s ALLOWED to serve you 4 servings in one? I’m not sure they’re following the law, there…

    • dogl2324 says:

      Oh, I was MAD and it was an appetizer portion! It not like I sat there eating a giant heaping plate of food. Bottom line it was my fault cause I was looking on it with my ipone and could not see there were 4 portions in the appetizer on my screen the way I was looking at it…it was like 4oz each or something….I just want to know what the calories are in the dish of food they are setting down in front of me! If I am sharing I can divide! Arrrggg

  3. cherie says:

    So sorry you had to miss the IG shows and I hope they are doing ok. I was fortunate enough to see a handful of their shows in the early 00’s and was completely impressed each time. I wish I could remember the names of some of the solo stuff Emily wrote around that time.

    • dogl2324 says:

      I am almost embarrassed to admit to how many times I have seen them…its been a lot! First time I saw them was opening for REM in 1989….diehard fan ever since. 😉 There is a great website called “indigo girls lifeblood’ that documents every song and concert and playlist and I think you can find it by year…check it out! 😉 The new CD is fabulous if you have not heard it….”Beauty Queen Sister”…..
      Hey thanks for posting 😉

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