Squeeze your noodle.

Tonight I went to my very first aqua aerobics class, and yes I went alone. If it would have been possible for me to record this class and post it on here I would do it in a red hot second, I would not care who saw me in my bathing suit or how I looked because  it was hilarious, and fun and oh lord am I going to be sore tomorrow.

There were about 15 people in the class of all shapes, sizes, ages and races one big cornucopia of splishing and splashing women. Nope, not a man to be found. I of course asked my swimming neighbor if any guys ever joined in for this class, the response from the older woman with her brightly colored floral patterned swim suit was simply “Hell no honey”. Okay then, off we went starting out the class by briskly jogging in one direction around the pool, I thought “hm, this is easy”….then I hear SWITCH!!!….I turn my body around and all of the sudden I am fighting my way through Caspian sea….good grief that was some current. We jogged and  turned and marched, with arms up, arms out, arms down, arms in the water, out of the water in a constant swirl of movements. I thought at one point..”I think I am making my own self sea sick” but I just kept going. The instructor walked over and pulled out these long floaty foam things which I found out were called noodles, which made me laugh hysterically as if I were a 12 year old boy, but I realized that was not a good move. I suggest keeping your mouth closed as chlorinated water coming out your nose hole burns. A lot.

Imagine my surprise when I heard the following yelled out as I was trying to balance my noodle and do leg kicks all at the same time….”SQUEEZE YOUR NOODLE LADIES”…..I had been in this kinda floaty position concentrating hard on doing the exercise correctly and upon hearing that shout out, I pretty much sank to the bottom cause I was laughing so hard. Of course that was just the start of the noodle fun.  We squeezed our noodle, pushed our noodle, twisted our noodles and yes, pulled our noodles. The hour went by fast and I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun doing something where I did not know a blessed soul. If I don’t get kicked out, I plan on doing this regularly as I am very sore tonight and imagine it will be worse in the morning. It is quite the workout, though I am not sure if I am more sore from the workout or all the laughing. I don’t care what anyone says….noodles are funny!



  1. T says:

    So happy to hear about this! Sounds hilarious. What a great way to spend an evening. Thank you for putting up a new picture! How does it feel to be over a quarter of the way to your goal?

  2. Nancy Bailey says:


  3. Moody says:

    Oh HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was laughing my butt off reading this!!! I am soooo glad you had fun and didn’t feel in the least bit embarrassed or out of place!
    And WAY TO GO!!!! for finishing a full hour on your first session!!!! That deserves REALLY big kudos, lady!!!
    Hot dangit, that sh*t is tiring! And yes, you’ll be sore in the morning! You can count on that!
    But I’ll tell you a little secret: it feels DAMN good!!
    You know what you did to be sore and you know you had fun doing it.

    I know for sure I would never make it through an hour of that. Not ever! I’d be dead on the bottom of the pool halfway through! And those noodles …. I wouldn’t trust them to keep me afloat!
    It’s great though, knowing you had so much fun and I honestly don’t see a reason why they would throw you out.

    Really happy for ya!!
    Keep it up coz it’s excellent workout!

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