Not what you might think as this is not about the Thanksgiving we are getting ready to celebrate tomorrow.  Many, many years ago soon after I had bought my house I was interested in taking on a housemate. When my friend Adam called me to tell me about a friend of his that had accepted an internship at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, where both Adam and I were working at that time. Tara was looking for a place to live and he thought we would get along great. He was right.

We have been through it all together, we have watched each other struggle, succeed, we have helped each other though deaths, heartbreak, we have crafted a lifetime of memories that can make us laugh for days at the mention of a simple phrase or image. We have lived together without killing one another, and we truly like each other. She has loved me and been proud to be my friend despite my size, I actually think she is one of the few people that never even really saw or judged me based on weight. There is something very special about having someone in your life who is always on your side, someone who never tries to change you but who is willing to walk beside you when you have to put one foot in front of the other and move forward in life.  I know that no matter what happens Tara is here for me no exceptions and that unconditional love and support is something I am very very thankful for as we celebrate tomorrow. I could not ask for a better friend.

Tara is vegan and I can’t wait to cook up a fabulous healthy menu together tomorrow. She knows me, she knows how I tick and it means so much to spend time with her! We already have a big walk planned in the morning before we start cooking.  I will remain focused and enjoy my day but I will keep in mind how far I have come. I will be wearing pants I have not been able to get into for a few years, just in case I forget!

*** Here is the menu, I am cooking for 6 people and some are meat eaters and some are not, but the menu was created for all tastes but still healthy.


veggie loaf with wild mushrooms, lentils, zucchini, shallot, leeks and tofu

butternut squash, yukon, sweet potato mash

Sauteed Asparagus, edemame, and fennel

Buttermilk brined roast chicken with a honey, lemon and garlic infused olive oil

Cranberries and orange relish

various cupcakes









  1. John S. says:

    Sounds great…oh wait, I was there. It was delicious…jealous much?

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