crazy little thing called love

He is asleep on the couch, stretched out and snoring like you would not believe.  He is free from fear in these moments when he is tucked safely next to Tully and his dreams are not filled with his past life, it still happens now and then, the night terrors but I am hopeful one day will be the last day that he carries that pain inside of him.

As I look at Tristan I am filled with so much love for him. He has come so far from the paralyzing state he arrived in at my house 10 months ago. The road has not been easy for him, he has overcome a tremendous amount of fear, to allow himself to love again and to be loved. He shows me everyday what means to be brave and everyday I am reminded that when we do the best we can, it is in fact enough. While he flourishes in many areas he still has tremendous fears and anxiety around other issues. New people and situations are a big challenge and anytime I try to introduce a leash there is sheer terror in his eyes. As we did with getting him outside we will go slow and put one foot in front of the other together and figure it out.  My hope for Tristan is that he can one day soon walk beside me, that he can see the outside world not through the eyes of his past but that he can experience the world in the way he deserves, to experience the world with love. To join in with the dog-lbs walking group, saying hi to friendly strangers we meet on the way, meeting other dogs and peeing anywhere he wants to leaving his mark on the world!

Thanksgiving day was quite a challenge for him, many new people all at once in the house, making noise and a big dinner at the dining room table, music, tiles clinking on the table when we played domino’s after dinner. He did very well and in the end made up with my dear friend Tara, even let her steal a smooch or two from him! He would come out from his crate when he felt safe and we all ignored him except to say “Good Boy” or “You are safe Tristan” as we went about our business. He does much better if you do not focus on him, but just let him go at his pace. In the end I think it’s safe to say the best part about Thanksgiving for Tristan was pretty much the best thing about Thanksgiving for all of us…leftovers.


Tara showing Tristan the love.


Bookends...Tully & Tristan




  1. Moody says:

    So proud of you both. Tristan must really feel completely comfortable with you now. Enough to allow strangers near him once you’ve shown him they can be trusted. He will follow your guide and he will learn and grow a little each day.

    Keep going strong!!!

  2. Veronica says:

    Going his own pace
    one foot in front of the other
    Isn’t that the best way to get anywhere to stay? Thoughtful progress. You are doing just that with your weight loss and finding and facing your triggers.
    Changing your quality of life isn’t easy. It isn’t easy for Tristan either but God gave you to each other to encourage, help and show the way when one of your gets lost.
    What a beautiful pairing! Love and encouragement to both of you!

    • dogl2324 says:

      Hi Veronica,
      It is not by choice to do the one foot front of the other, I am a jump to the final chapter of the book kinda girl! I want it, and I want it now attitude. Boy has Tristan changed my world on functioning like that, I have no choice no but to go slow and at his pace and have learned that is the pace I need to go at too. One foot in front of the other slowly walking and bracing myself with it gets hard but still moving forward. So grateful for you and all your amazing comfort and love in my world! 🙂

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