What is it worth?

So while I report my weigh in results every other week on here, I still show up at Dr. Beiter’s office  faithfully every Thursday. I do this so I have a gauge of how I am doing and can make any adjustments needed for the following week. Sometimes those adjustments are out of my control as I was saying to a friend of mine…”every 28 days water retention and the scale do not get along!”

I hope you will be okay with me sharing this weeks results with you. It has been a hard week, dancing on the edge of a binge, fighting my way through daily temptations which have included an opera creme birthday cake from servatii’s bakery, cupcakes to celebrate a dear friends announcement that she and her husband are expecting their first child, these cupcakes were from Take the Cake…and I love their icing. Seriously….it would be on my “last meal if I knew I was gonna kick it”  menu. I worked two special parties this week at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park where I bartend part time. Both parties had a colossal amount of tempting food, everything from filet mignon sliders with blue cheese and caramelized onions, warm gooey brie with buttery toast points, mac and cheese with grilled shrimp, and the mother load of calorie packing desserts. Seriously if I looked at this stuff too long I kinda went into a bit of a trans….you know that mindless void of everything else, the awkward stare…the drool….yes, I think there was some drool.

I did  not have a morsel of the cake, nor the cupcakes and the first party I had 3 slivers of seared Ahi Tuna I peeled off the bun and a thin piece of mushroom and pistachio pate (that was excellent) and a few grilled veggies. The second party I had nothing but 4 water crackers and a little ginger ale (there were no good choices to be had, so I just avoided it ) and had something healthy when I went home.

Yet this morning I was still apprehensive to go to see Dr. B, as I have not been working out as much this week because of my work schedule at the bar, but to be honest it’s not like working the bar is sitting around on a chaise lounge eating bon- bons, it is hard work so I like to think that somehow standing on your feet for 4 hours slinging drinks is somewhat of a workout. I get to Dr. B’s office, I step on the scale and she kinda made a funny noise and my initial reaction was that it was bad…but it was not bad, that was a good squeal! I was down 6 lbs from my last weigh in where I had gained 2lbs!  BREAKING INTO THE 50″s!!!! Sometimes when I think about it too hard it devastates me to think about being happy to weigh 359 pounds but the road to get to the 200’s is going to take me through the 300’s and in the end it feels very good to be close to 350 and not 400!

I have lost 32lbs in 99 days, I am over 1/3 of the way there. I have lost the equivalent of:

A toddler

Almost 4 gallons of water

768 Twinkies

$875,079.86 worth of gold


What I have gained is a new confidence in myself, and more hope then ever that I can make a difference in the world.







  1. Linda Troy says:

    So glad for you and proud of all that you have accomplished with prayers and support from those who love you!! Keep putting one foot in front of the other…one step at a time is the way to walk a mile or more!

    • dogl2324 says:

      Thank you for the prayers, kindness, support and amazing generosity! Slow and steady like an good oxen mull, that’s me! 😉

  2. I missed the week that you lost 4 lbs., so I’m adding it to this week’s loss and will be sending in my $10 pledge through PayPal. Good work.

  3. Moody says:

    See?? It pays to listen to perfect strangers who tell you not to panic and keep focused!

    Way to go!!!
    And that would be 6 lbs off in what? A week????

    Blahh!!! I think that’s called “blatant proof” …. no?

    And just to celebrate that (and to help you realize you ARE making a difference), I’m gonna go use that big fat yellow button in just a few moments …. whether I gained or lost.

    Keep it up girl, you rock!!

    • dogl2324 says:

      Hi Moody!
      You are right I need to listen to you more! 😉 How are you doing? Thank you as always for your amazing words of encouragement!



  4. Bob W. says:

    Sister, from our immediate family to you, 4 thumbs and 8 dew claws up for you. Good for you. Keep up the fantastic work. But you know me, I have one small exception to make concerning “What I have gained is a new confidence in myself, and more hope then ever that I can make a difference in the world.”

    Lori, you can stop hoping that you CAN make a difference, you HAVE and will continue to make this world a better place to live. And I will never tire in telling you that. Way to go girl.

    • dogl2324 says:

      I will take your 4 thumbs up and 8 dew claws! You keep me inspired and motivated and speak the truth when I need to hear it! WWBD? That is what I have started asking! xoxo

  5. Veronica says:

    SEE SEE SEE! It is working! Keep it up, you are doing fantastically!!

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