Another one (okay, seven) bites the dust…

Woke up early, fought the rain, drove down crazy Columbia Parkway where life and death are separated by nothing more than a solid yellow line on the road. Got to Dr. B’s office she greets me every single time with optimism and a look of kindness that I am very grateful for! Coat off, scarf off, shoes off….okay socks off. And up on the scale….I close my eyes and NEVER, ever look. I am down 7lbs from the last “official” weigh in!

Clawing my way through the holiday cookies, pies, brownies, the chocolate orgy of offerings sent from a big name bank to our company as a holiday “thank you”, the lunch invites for burger madness, pizza, the cupcakes, the birthday cakes, wading through the holiday temptations with my mouth tightly shut has proven to be well worth it. Moving more, eating less and eating better, this is the “plan” so many people ask me about. I will keep going one step at a time, one choice at a time knowing now I can begin to see the faint light ahead of reaching the half way point.





  1. Leslie says:

    I would like to get caught up with donating for each pound that you have lost. In going back through the blog posts it appears that you have lost 33 pounds? Is that correct? Have you considered getting one of those meters that shows where you started, what your goal is and where you are? I have a friend who started out at over 400 pounds and is now around 200 who uses the meter. I like the visual 🙂 Anyway, it was just an idea. Please let me know how many pounds you are down so that I can donate. You are truly an inspiration and I also greatly appreciate the recipes. I’m about to start my own weight loss journey and watching you create a new relationship with food truly has helped me think through how I want to do this.

    Have a wonderful new year. It must feel amazing knowing that you will be starting it without having to start over 🙂


    • dogl2324 says:

      Hi Leslie!

      Thank you so much for your note, your support and your generous donation! I am currently 33lbs down. 😉 I do have a timeline that shows the progress and even has a pic of me when I started and then again at 25lbs down. Just click on the “Weight/Timeline Photos” at the top of the home page…I think it’s sandwiched between “Tristan” and “My blog” 🙂 I like the visual too, if you know of a better one to use let me know, this one is kinda tricky to update. Thank you so much for your kind words, I am so glad you are following along! I am going to be adding more recipes with step by step pictures in the new year (love those visuals!) Please don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail at lori@doglbs if you have any questions or just need a little support! I love that you are thinking it though, I think that is half the battle, to understand what you need to do and figure out how to help yourself make the best decisions and get yourself out of bad ones as quick as possible! 🙂 May 2012 be filled with wonderful changes for you and much love and laughter and support along the way!

  2. Nancy Bailey says:

    Just sent my $7. Sorry – I’m a little behind, as they say. You are doing great!

  3. Cherie says:

    That’s wonderful – good for you!!!

  4. Congratulations – I’m sending my $7 for your loss right now.

    I’m also very familiar with Columbia Parkway – beautiful scenery in some spots, but definitely scary.

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