short, sweet and to the point….weigh-in day is here.

Loss three more pounds …36lbs shed so far! Four pounds more and I will have lost my age! Thank you for all the love, understanding, motivation, and kindness, it is simply amazing!


Let’s show those sweet dogs some love! Please consider making a donation. Recycled Doggies just saved a sweet dog named Liberty who was hit by a car and going to be euthanized, but my beloved RD stepped in and I would love to get some donations to help cover the cost for the surgery (over $6,000) so she is now in the RD family and will have an amazing life in a loving home. This is exactly why I am so motivated to do this project…they save so many who would die with out them. Please help me, help them save more doggies! xoxo


Sweet Liberty resting after her surgery.





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