It happens every time I walk in the door, I am bombarded with love from my dogs. The kisses, excited yelps, the wagging tails and wiggly butts, they are at times the only thing that keeps me going. I can’t imagine a day without them, a day without their unconditional love, their inspiration, their adoring looks, their laugh out loud humor and the moments they know before I do that I need them. They never judge me or criticize me for making a mistake. In their eyes I am everything I long to be and more. They bring me enormous joy.

If life leads me down a road where I  could no longer have my animal family with me, I pray that somehow, someway I would be blessed for a visit occasionally to feel the scruffy fur, giggle with glee from kisses, and remember if only for a moment how much it means to have the love of an animal.

Big Al and I went to the nursing home today with my mom to spread a little doggie love, we visited many folks today, and I was able to snap  few pictures…they speak volumes…

(Click on each image to see a larger pic)




  1. Shera says:


  2. Tina says:

    Remember when all I talked about when we were together training was Comet? lol Dogs provide us so much love and companionship. I will never be without one! Those pictures are precious!! I would like to do something like that with Cooper when he gets a little older- particularly hospital visitation services.

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