Mission Impossible.

That my friends would be a trip to the grocery store the night before they are predicting bad weather. We have a horrible  habit where I live of thinking armageddon comes in the way of fluffy white flakes that fall from the sky. I have often said that the grocery stores are in cahoots with the weatherman because folks act like there will not be milk available for a month if any amount of snow is predicted and they poor schmucks like me who actually need milk and other groceries are left to fend for their lives in the madness of a grocery run.

I have my list, and I know from experience that I shop the outside ring of the store not venturing into the inner aisles unless absolutely necessary.¬† The exception to this is the bakery area as I enter the store, this is where the cut up pieces of sheet cakes for $.99 lurk glistening in the bright florescent lighting, I can taste the creamy butterfat on my lips before I even see brightly iced cake pieces.¬† I have it down, I walk fast, with a purpose and recite the following in my head “icing is the devil, icing is the devil, icing is the devil” once I make it past the cake I am in the land of FRUIT! I loaded up blueberries, bananas, mangoes, oranges and on to the veggies which I bought my fill as well. I got yogurt and almonds, oats, cream for my coffee, and a couple of “treats” raisin and cinnamon english muffins and ovaltine and marshmallows. Are they great for me? Probably not, but one of those english muffins is only 140 calories and with a smear of low fat cream cheese it feels like a treat and the ovaltine I blame on my grandmother, I love it and she used to make it for me.If you have it with skim or almond milk and three marshmallows and its about 200 calories. I have been eating pretty clean so I know that those choices are part of a very healthy diet. As always it seems I am being tested at every step of this journey, some adorable little girl turned around without looking and put double stuffed Oreos in my cart, took one look at me and said “you’re not my mommy” so, so true little one… mom was in front of me and the size of my ankle. Take your good genes and your Oreo’s and off you go. Quick!

I had a stressful week at work, and I was not prepared as well as I have been and it was a huge red flag. I was not horrible but I was not on my game like I have been. I am pretty in tune with the way I feel now, and it is driven by how I am eating and how I am moving, (shocking I know). Work is not going to be less stressful in the coming weeks so I have to outsmart the stress, I have to be one step ahead and stick to my plan. I have 14 pounds I would like to lose by the end of February to keep me on tract for the 100lbs by September. I am saying it out loud (so to speak) and if I say it I want to do my best to honor my word. I am going to push a little harder in the hopes of reaching that goal but knowing if I do my best and don’t reach the goal, I have not failed. Being able to say that is a success in itself.

Mission Impossible








  1. Moody says:

    Icing isn’t the only devil, but damn, I love your charisma.
    And I love the way you talk about that little girl. “off you go. Quick!” LOLLLLL.
    Temptation lies around every corner, lurking and waiting for you to trip and fall right into its arms, but you are not tripping, much less falling (unless you slip on the icing on the sidewalk).

  2. janet says:

    Blue Diamond Oven Roasted Almonds-dark chocolate. A handful feels decadent, but not so bad.

  3. Terri Turner says:

    I agree. Icing is the devil!

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