Sometimes inspiration comes in the oddest forms imaginable. I woke up this morning to the grey icy world waiting for the dogs and I as we started our day. Outside the crisp air was actually refreshing and I found it funny that I was talking myself into a walk/run rather than out of one. Jessica had told me she likes running outside much better than on a treadmill so I was eager to find out which I liked better…i-pod in hand I set off  to the familiar surroundings of Friendship Park.

We had a little ice storm yesterday and while the weather folks wanted us to believe the high today was going to reach 50 degrees my car display read 33 degrees, it was 11:00am. One step on the sidewalk and I found myself sliding….it was slick as snot out! Good grief, how am I going to get a good workout in if I can’t even walk? I convinced myself I was just being silly and it would get better. About 500 yards into my walk and I saw a couple who were in a lot better shape than me, heading out gently scooting along like they had already bit it once on the ice and were going to make sure that did not happen again. The disappointment seeped in and I decided to cut up through the grass. There is a mirrored sculpture piece that you can actually walk through, I have walked through it before but this time it would provide the magic for me to get a glimpse of  the possibilities that the future can hold. It has that funny mirror inside that extends your image vertically to make you look thin. I open my eyes and poof, I am thin…ner.  There is a brief moment I let myself forget that it’s a trick . I stare and covet what I see, breath in what it might feel like to not be morbidly obese.












The power of suggestion is a motivator like no other, I would find a way to run, and walk that very moment. There would be no talking myself into going to the gym later, or walking extra tomorrow, I needed to move my body…so I did. At the beginning of the park is a circle, it was the only area that was not slick because it is poured with a different surface finish so while it was wet it was not slick.


At first I told myself this is going to look silly, people are going to wonder why am I running around this little circle, then I thought are you going to worry about looking silly or are you going to move your big butt and do this or not?! I walked around twice, thinking I am not sure if I can make it all the way around one time running but I will just go as far as I can and then try to improve from there.  As Kelly Clarkson is screaming in my ear ” What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller…”  I began to run. I ran halfway around the circle and my feet just kept going and I found myself pushing myself to the end of the first lap. As I am panting like a dog that has just run an agility test, I thought to myself  “hmm, well it wasn’t THAT bad” so I kept going, walking two more laps and then it’s time to Rrruuuunnnn….. this time Brandi Carlile is screaming my motivation “all of these lines upon my face tell you the story of who I am, so many stories of where I’ve been and how I got to where I am…” and it gives me the strength to kept running repeating the two walked laps/one run lap five more times I just keep listening to Brandi belting it out and dig deep to finish running the final lap.  Today I ran outside, and just like Jessica said… it’s so much better.  As soon as I save up a little cash, I am going to hold my head up high, and proudly walk into the running spot and ask for help picking out some kick ass running shoes!




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  1. Moody says:


    Glad you didn’t break anything on the slick pavement and super deluxe excited about your run. And yes, you look fab in that picture!!
    Let it be a reminder of what can be.

    Keep up the good work!

    Oh, and I finally got my new swimming goggles. I got a pair “fixed” with my usual lens correction so that I will now be able to actually *see* where I’m going while in the water. I was told I had to order them and it would take up to 10 days to get them, but the shop I walked into yesterday, had them in stock, so I walked out of there with the goggles all fixed up and ready to go. It was also half the price of what I had been told. Maybe that lady should’ve looked it up, before giving me the wrong information. Anyhow, I’ll be much more comfortable in the pool now. I won’t be squinting so much and I’ll have no trouble judging the distance to other swimmers. Yay for pearle vision shops. LOL! I’ll let you know how it went.

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