Holy Temptation Batman!

Yesterday I went up to our kitchen area at work to heat up my lunch and as I walked through the threshold of the doorway the sight in front of me took my breath away…..



I have entered Pastry Hell.....


I actually whimpered out loud…and of course there was not a blessed soul around …. GULP!

Should I scream? No, probably not.

Really? We are a staff of less than 30 people where I work, who thought this was a good idea? Spread out before me were  every species of pastry you could think of, bagles, scones, cookies, muffins, cheese pockets, fruity topped thingies, coffee cake, chocolate croissants, brownies, giant pecan rolls with toffee goo on top, and some homemade sweet concoction that looked amazing. Oh yeah and because that wasn’t enough someone put a bowl of dove chocolate bits out too…and a tube of BUTTER! No CAKE to be found, at least there was that!

As I looked at my homemade veggie burger concoction and mashed sweet potatoes in my well worn gladware container…I thought to myself “No one would know….”  the realization of that thought clanged in my head as if I were standing in the tower of a ringing church-bell…. and the thought alone enough to bring the tears.

I will not do this, I will not write another blog entry about falling from grace around food. Then I  was mad as hell, I put my lunch in the microwave and went into the hall and counted to 120 , microwave beeped and walked past the pastry table of ill repute got my lunch and as I left I said it out loud, yes I did!  “Screw you, not today sugary friends, NOT today!”




  1. John S. says:

    Remind me to give you a “sugary” smooch next time I see you!

  2. Moody says:

    YAY for Lori!!!!!!
    Smackdown of Evil continues!!!!

    Way to go!

  3. Veronica says:

    That is hell for me too as I would have eaten until I was ill. YOU GO GIRL!!! I walked past the stack of cupcakes on Wednesday . . . hardest thing I did all day. I went through the shop for the rest of the day. Some temptations are just too much. I am so proud of you!!

  4. Shera says:

    Fantastic! Your self restraint is admirable. <3

    • dogl2324 says:

      Thanks Shera, still if you see me with something I should not have I give you permission to pelf me with a can of dog food! <3

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