I’ll take it any way I can get it.

I am sorry for the little hiatus the last few days, I have been down for the count with some kinda cold/bronchial funk that has kicked my butt and left me dragging myself to Dr. B’s office this morning one hot mess of pitifullness (I think I just might have made that word up) after a swab with some do-hicky the size of a pool stick up my sinus cavity for a flu test, it was almost worth the experience to find out it is not the flu, but is sure didn’t make me feel any better or my cough any less but I am so glad I have such a great doctor to go to when I need it! After starting the antibiotics and some other meds, I am actually feeling a little better tonight.

Here is what I have learned during my time on the couch…

1.) Tristan showing his love as he curled up at the end of the couch (while I was laying on it!) resting his head on my leg, was very comforting when I felt so bad. I thought about trying to get a picture but then realized sometimes it’s just better to enjoy the moment.

2.) Thera Flu is crap, it does nothing and tastes even worse. Don’t bother.

3.) It may seem like a good idea at the time, but if you’re too sick to heat up the soup in a can just skip it.

4.) There is such a thing as too much Vick’s Vapor rub.

5.) If someone told me two days ago that I would have watched a whole season of a show called “Storage Wars” I would have called them an ever loving fool. Sadly, a show were people bid on lapsed storage lockers is addictive. Sad but true.


When I went to the Dr. this morning, I was down another pound…I’ll take it any way I can get it.

More soon…



  1. Shannon says:

    I got hooked on watching HARDCORE PAWN for some ungodly reason, so don’t feel bad. 😉 Hope you’re better soon. That kind of thing is the worst.

    • dogl2324 says:

      I have not seen hardcore pawn but I must admit….I do dvr pawn stars… 😉 It’s education!!! right??? Thank darlin, I am feeling so much better today!

  2. Moody says:

    I know the feeling, Lori, I’ve been home sick for 2 weeks now. First with some kind of bowel infection, moving on to the flu last Monday. I too have been coughing my lungs out all week and using more Kleenex in a week than I usually do in a month. I felt horrendous, like an empty shell, barely able to stand on my own two feet.
    No antibiotics for me though, the flu is something you have to “ride out”. I’m much better now, but still have an occasional loss of balance (which is scary when it happens, really).

    Results for me: down 1,5 kg in a week or so!!

    Hope you’ll feel better soon.
    It’s back to work for me tomorrow, so I’d better enjoy my last moments of “freedom”, take a *very* long and *very* hot bath and turn in early or I’m not heaving my ass out of bed in the morning.

    • dogl2324 says:

      Aww Moody, I don’t like hearing you have been sick! Boo to that, and for two weeks to boot! I am glad you are feeling better! Whew! YAY for your weight loss, awesome! I hope going back to work was not too painful! 🙂 Take care of yourself, friend!

      • Moody says:

        Not too painful, you say?? Jeez, I’m *still* trying to get in the rhythm!!! It’s horrible, I don’t sleep well at all (since I – very quickly – got used to going to bed at ungodly hours (4-5 am), and now have to get up at 6.45 again.

        I’ll try to get back in some kind of routine and get my butt back to the pool next week (maybe even tomorrow with my little man … IF he finishes all of his school work today), so hopefully that will help get me back into the game.
        I’m not spitting at the illness induced weightloss, like you, I’ll take it any way I can get it.
        But summer approaches, which means it’s time for salads again, and light meals instead of the “heavier” winter cooking. I should be doing better on the weightloss part, and hopefully that will help me to feel better overall as well.

        Catch ya later ;o)

  3. Mary Nauyoks says:

    OMG you spent hours with Dave the YEP man??? Next time watch American Pickers. Hope you are feeling much better when you open your eyes in the morning!

    • Terri says:

      I spent an entire Saturday watching “Parking Wars.” Who knew watching people get parking tickets could be so much fun?

      • dogl2324 says:

        Terri….. I (heart) Garfield…. that is ALL I will say about that topic! 😉

      • Moody says:

        I enjoy watching this Dutch (from Holland that is) show about a special team of cops. They drive an unmarked vehicle with loads of video equipment on board and they will follow and film “abusive” drivers, then pull them over and confront them with their antisocial behavior (speeding, passing in the wrong lane, disregarding trafic lights, signs or markings on the road) …. it’s very entertaining!! I totally get how watching people get parking tickets can be fun.

    • dogl2324 says:

      Darlin, I feel like I know those people inside and out! I managed to get a few episodes of American Pickers in too! Those two fellas are adorable! Thank you, I am feeling much better today! love you-

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