I didn’t even know you had muscles there….

Okay, I am sore. I mean I am really sore and it’s not a bad thing, it’s exciting to know this WILL pay off! Right now my body is not particularly happy with me, especially my…well my whole lower body is staging a revolt at the present moment. I think if my thighs and calves could speak they would immediately be given a bar of soap.

Last night the powerhouse of Lindsey had me on the move with a walk/run (more walking and less running but we are hoping to change that!) I did run at one point for 3 minutes straight, may not seem like a lot but it’s farther than I have gone before. When I say “I think I can run to the next telephone pole” Lindsey says “Let’s go for 60 seconds, you got this” and while my heart sank my legs kept lifting up off the ground and when 60 seconds had past Lindsey told me that she really wants to get it into my head that my body can push past the limits my mind sets. It’s true, and I am going to etch that in my subconscious and always try to push just a little further than what I think my limit is going forward.

Then it was back to the gym for about a half hour of leg/lower body work! Lindsey had my plan written down and she knew just what we were going to do. A plan of attack to fight the fat army coming at us from enemy territory! In the end, after all was said and done, and as I headed toward my car feeling so dang good that without thinking I picked up my feet  ran to my car, I am sure it looked ridiculous but it felt great!

More accountability.

Yep, because putting my weight on the web is not enough! Kidding. The next step is to write down what I am eating and be accountable to Lindsey and hand over a food journal each week and be totally honest. No lying, no estimating and no talking myself out of not writing down everything! Full disclosure. Here is the thing I am realizing while I have this enormous support system in place and I can never underestimate the power of just what that means to me, in the end I need to be my biggest fan, how amazing to finally feel like I am not fighting myself in moving forward.

Now I have to go ice my…everything.  Friday we do it all over again!









  1. Moody says:

    Lori, you rock!!!
    And I soooooo totally know what you mean with “I didn’t know I had muscles there”. w0000t!!! You go, girl!!!
    They *are* there and they’re just waiting for you to set them to work!

    It does feel good, doesn’t it? That “morning after” soreness. That incredible and indescribable feeling of pain that makes you feel awesome about yourself. You did that!!
    I remember feeling like that after my trial aquagym class.
    Unfortunately, it’s not something I continued. I couldn’t. Not there.
    I really should get my ass in gear now that I have my goggle-glasses and I could actually see the “teacher” and the movements. Next time I go swimming, I’ll ask if there’s any room left in the class and if they take beginners. Each time I see them, I think to myself “two minutes of this and I’m down on the bottom of the pool”, but I’m sure I would push myself to the end of the class, only to regret it come morning (but with that same awesome feeling you have after your first “power house”).

    You’ll still be sore next time, but it’ll keep getting better as your muscles will settle with the knowledge that they actually have to work now. You’ll keep getting better at it.
    Oh and don’t forget, the “start to run” program (a colleague did it), starts with 30 second jogs between 5 minute walks, so running for 3 minutes straight is not “nothing”. I don’t even think I could do it nowadays. My knees would probably give out long before that.

    Have fun tonight ;o)

    • dogl2324 says:

      Thanks Moody, it actually feels good to be sore and know that the hard work is going to pay off! Sore muscles=moving which is what I have to keep doing! xo

  2. Lisa Leffler says:

    You rock! You CAN do this! Everytime I read your blogs, I catch myself starting to cry! You are such an inspiration to all of us; no matter what we each of us reading your blog is facing. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other! You go girl!

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