The price you pay.


This morning off to Dr. B’s office I go to get weighed, feeling good hoping I would see a little loss from two weeks ago. It was nice out, I had the windows down and the music up…singing along to my Indigo Girls and I would soon realize as their song “Shame on you” plays it was to be the mantra for the morning. Yes it was a school zone and yes I might have been going a few miles over the limit but their was not a soul around and as the girls music played and I sang out  “they’ll be blue lights flashing down the long dirt road when they ask me to step out”…I saw the flashing lights in my review mirror.  Uh-Oh……



I deserved it, and I got it…all $125.00 of it. Wow, been a while since I got a ticket, geez they are not messing around! I proceeded on to Dr. B’s office and no matter what kinda day you’re having the ladies in the office are so dang nice it brought me right out of my crankiness.

There is also the fact that when I stepped on the scale I was 3lbs down from two weeks ago. Ticket? What ticket? The only number that matters to be today is 345….I am SOOOOOooooo close to the 50lbs mark, I can taste it….and it tastes better than cake.






  1. Moody says:

    Next time, you’ll run to your doctor’s office and you won’t get a ticket ;o)

    Ouch on the $125, but YAAAAAYYYYYY on another 5 lbs down!!!
    Good going!!!!!

  2. Julie H. says:

    Way to go!!

    “I can so taste it…and it tastes better than cake.” LOVE that line!

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