When Pigs Fly!

“When pigs fly” is an adynaton, a way of saying that something will never happen. Up until a month ago I never, ever thought I would be writing this but then again I never thought I would be running on a treadmill for 10 minuets at a time, that I would find the courage to go into the fabulous Running Spot with my head held high to be fitted for running shoes and learn that the kindness of others would get me through.

The kindness of others is what has gotten me this far, and is what will carry me through. A year ago I promised myself that I would no longer lean on what would bend, that I would not trust anyone with the hard stuff.  What a difference a year makes. I  have since learned that you can in fact lean on those you need and they will be there to support you, they will hold you up until you have solid ground again to take the next step.  That next step for me is one that will lead me on a 3.2 mile Flying Pig 5k Race on Saturday May 5th. I have to say that without Lindsey and Jessica this would not be happening. Lindsey has given me more than I can at times even comprehend. She has been my saving grace and become the missing link to moving forward with the weight loss and also moving forward to become the person I want to be. She sees through my own self doubt, my shame and my fears and somehow is able to walk me through them breaking the walls down. Jessica is right there for the journey, showing up to work out with us even after she has run 13+ miles at her “paw jogger” job, it means so much to me and I look to her when she is running for motivation. She is also always willing to run with those blessed weights above her head with me, pushing me to finish without knocking myself out! Only a true friend is gonna do that for ya!

I am running a 5k! I am filled with a terrifying enthusiasm, but I am so grateful for this opportunity. Lindsey, Jessica and Charmaine will be running with me and if anyone else wants to join in that would be awesome. It’s not going to be pretty, It’s not going to be fast but I know I will do my very best.

Of course my hope is to raise money for my beloved Recycled Doggies and I am hoping folks will sponsor us as we run for the death row doggies who wait for a second chance at a different kind of life. I know a lot about that, about being given a second chance at a different kind of life.

On Easter Sunday as usual I was going to meet Charmaine at the gym but they were closed for the holiday so we decided to take a 3 mile walk in a pretty hilly area of town, Eden Park. There is a lake we walked by called “mirror lake” is is huge…


Mirror Lake


One lap around is .3 miles. I wanted to try, I told Charmaine I might only be able to do half and off we went one foot in front of the other, and we talked and I just kept looking at my feet, finding the rhythm of my stride (What?! Rhythm?, Stride? Is that ME talking?) yes it is, find your damn rhythm Lori! I looked up and I was half way around (just go, keep going, think of Lindsey and Jessica and push through this) almost to the end, Charmaine says it out loud “you can do this, keep going” and then it was over. Like so many times at the pool Charmaine is beside me for the hard stuff. Don’t know what I ever did to deserve the unconditional love and support from her, but I am so thankful for it!  I ran one lap around this beautiful lake, one lap that for me represents letting go of  a lifetime of “can’t” and a new future of “can”.

So with my new favorite running shoes, and the good karma of “Meggie” who put them on my feet, Lindsey and Jess by my side, Tristan’s brave spirit in my heart, my amazing Recycled Doggies family and the dogs they continue to save…. I will run.


Jessica, Me, and Lindsey (always giving the encouraging thumbs up!)


Please consider sponsoring us in the run, simply use paypal by clicking the link below and put a message in the comment field that it is for the Dog-lbs Flying Pig 5K! As always I am so so grateful for all the generous support!

Much Love-






  1. Jb says:

    Love Charmaine, love you too. Good job

  2. Lori, seriously, I’m crying as I read this. You’re totally awesome!! I wish that “I” could run a 5K. You go girl!

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