I think I see….

my ankles. In the past they have just been an extension¬† of my fat leg,” flankles” is what I call them. In the summer I love to wear sandals and flip flops, I know they are not great for your feet but I try to buy nice ones but even in the nice ones my ankles have always been… well, nonexistent. Tonight after my shower I was putting lotion on my legs and there it was….my ankle and I double checked and both of them are looking more like ankles and less like flankles which makes me happy.

Other discoveries are not limited to but include feeling my rib bone, I even made Lindsey feel it the other day at the gym when I was lying on the mat, in case I was wrong and it was some mutant tumor,¬† but it’s a rib and I can feel it! Veins…I have always been fascinated by veins that pop out, on both men and women, now not crazy body builder ones, but ones that look like they belong. I realize this sounds a little like crazy talk, but on my hands I can start to see my veins. It is like a road map in the palm of my hand and I can see the future of what it might feel like to weigh under 300lbs.My body is changing and I am looking more like a straight up and down person as my friend Amanda has pointed out.

We ran/walked the 5k course tonight, and it was hard and I was frustrated a bit. Running on a treadmill is easier, when you get out on the road it’s not the same. It took us about an hour to walk and run parts of the whole course. Then I was reminded the very first time I tried to run and Lindsey timed me I could only run 30 seconds…she broke in and admitted that she didn’t want me to get discourage so she rounded up…20 seconds is what I ran the first time. Now I can run several minuets at a time and where I am today is not where I will be in two weeks, or race day or in a year from now. I have to focus, to keep working hard and have faith that it’s gonna pay off even if it’s not in the package I want it to be in right now. I have the ankles and for right now I am gonna just enjoy those for awhile. Sandal season is here dontcha¬† know.





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