My indulgent weekend.

It’s not about food, calories, limits, restrictions or stringent workouts, sweating or sore feet… not this weekend. I had a very indulgent weekend and it had nothing to do with food really, but everything to do with consuming the life I am working hard to live.

Yesterday I took the day off from working out, a true day off with nothing planned but some shopping in the morning with my mom, getting my hair done in the afternoon and attending the Cincinnati Opera Gala in the evening. It was a work function technically but it is a real treat to get dressed up and be able to partake in the evening especially when so many of my close friends are there.

I ask mom to go with me to look for new dress pants, we went to Layne Bryant  a store for larger women, but the clothes only go up to a 28 so in the past I have never been able to shop there and was still not sure if I had lost enough weight to be able to buy their pants. We arrive in the store and it’s almost like over stimulation I am looking around and grabbing things to try on faster than I can process what I have. Once I am struggle with 6 pairs of dress pants my mom suggests we start a dressing room.

I go in and I hold the first pair of pants up in front of me, there is no way those are going to fit me, (you are not that girl anymore) I just stand there looking at them (just one leg) I just stand there looking at them (then the other leg) I just stand there holding them (pull them up, Lori) I just stand there holding them (button them) I just stand there looking at them buttoned…and they fit…perfectly. In seconds that pair is on the floor in a heap and I have the next pair on, and then the next and this goes on until I have a pile of pants on the floor that all fit. I sit down and look at them. My mom knocks on the door as I imagine it has been a long time, I think she is under the impression none of them fit.  “everything okay, hon?” I realize I have been in there for a bit, “mom, I don’t know what to do…they ALL fit”, I open the door and she has tears in here eyes and we both have a little cry as I am sure the people around us thought we were a wee bit crazy. With a big smile on my face I tried them each on again, and settled on two pairs and on the second go round the store, one shirt. I could have bought more but I don’t want to buy a lot of anything because I have my sight set on the next size down!

Later than afternoon I visit my doll of a hairdresser, his name is Douglas and he is brilliant. I tell him I want my hair up, I want to look elegant, I want something fresh and different. He goes to work and he teases, and pins and sculpts my hair into something I quickly fall in love with. As I hug him goodbye I thank him for making me beautiful, he whispers you ARE beautiful. He is the best.

So I am all set, I have my new britches, new outfit,  my new hairdo and I am feeling pretty good about it all. I head to the event and I have a great time, I enjoy dinner, my friends, getting my picture taken. Yes, let me say that again…I ENJOY getting my picture taken, which for me is not the norm. I feel pretty, I feel strong, and I feel grateful for the indulgences of this weekend. Nothing tastes as good as feeling like this.


Lauren and I goofing off at the snapshot booth



My dear friend Matt and I....














Me and my friend Taylor (she was the magic maker behind the scenes!)














Me and my sweet momma....















  1. John S. says: look fabulous! Tears and smiles here!

  2. Moody says:

    Looking good there, Lori!!!!
    Thanks for posting these.
    Hope you had an awesome night, the kind to remember for a long time to come.

  3. Michele Hays says:

    You look awesome, babe!

  4. Sharon says:

    I am so inspired by you! Thank you!

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