Furniture movers and a Friday weigh in.

I get to the gym at the beginning of the week and we start our workout the same way, with 45 minutes of cardio on the treadmill. I arrive a little before Lindsey and get started, as Will Smith and I are ‘Gettin Jiggy Wit it” I feel a tap on my arm and there is Linds she has a bag with her and she informs me she has brought “some fun stuff” for us, now I am pretty sure my idea of fun stuff and her idea of fun stuff might be a little different. I am positive she does not have a mini bar, lounge chair and white sandy beach in that bag so I am not feeling like this is necessarily going to be a pleasant thing for me.

My 45 minuets on the treadmill ends and we scope out the gym for a little nook where we can do our work which generally involves exercise¬† balls, free weights, mats and….. furniture movers? Yes, you read it correctly, furniture movers, those little round disks you put under your sofa to move it around with ease, to glide it with no effort at all. Lindsey pulls them out of the bag and I just stare at her ….she says “These are furniture movers, I thought they would be fun”! Now here is the part where I know my love for Lindsey is up there, I go right along with her and totally trust that by some miracle she has a master plan for these little plastic disks that is going to leave my integrity in place as we use furniture movers to take our workout to a new level as I am thinking it’s gonna take some effort to move my couch, so to speak!

The idea is to put your feet on the disks and get into a plank position, then do some leg exercises by gliding your leg with your foot on the furniture mover on your foot. Getting in the plank position for me is not a breeze and I need the friction of the carpet to get my own overstuffed couch in a plank.¬† The first time the little round disk flies out from my feet and I am face first in the carpet. We decide plan B will be me getting in a plank position and then Lindsey will lift up each of my feet and put the disks under them. Mind you we are doing this in the middle of a very full gym, next time I am charging admission for people to watch! It was not pretty but finally the disks are on my feet and I manage to do like 5 reps (fast ones) before crashing down on the carpet. Hair in my eyes, I blow a clear space so I can see Lindsey she has a big smile and says “That was GOOD!!! Now we build from there, that was just a starting point, it will totally get easier.”

This is exactly what makes Lindsey so amazing, there is no failure, no beating yourself up, no feeling bad about what you couldn’t do but rather embrace the parts that you can do and build from there.

When I got on the scale this morning for the weigh in I was very grateful for the hard workouts, the sweat, the food choices I had made and yes the furniture movers…..4 pounds down. I have lost 58lbs.




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  1. John S. says:

    58lbs! The corners of my mouth jumped toward my forehead. Yay Girl! I have a pair glidey tempted to try it. Perhaps I should wait for a spotter. Keep up the good work!

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