Ah, to be 29 again….

As always the panic of the weigh in sets in just as I drive by the “Dilly Deli” in Marimont…they have amazing beer cheese, which I try to avoid thinking about as I am not totally convinced that coveting food will not result in a weight gain…celery, celery, celery! I am on a mission, I walk in the office say hi to the sweet girls and on the scale I step….with one eye open I see the 3 then I focus on the next number which will be the benchmark Lindsey and I have set for this weeks weigh in, 2 and then finally a 9.

I lost 5lbs … I am at a total loss of 61 lbs so far. Yes, I have lost as much as an adult male elephant’s penis. (If you don’t get that reference you have to read two blog entries back) 🙂

329 I am in the 20’s and I am pretty sure I have not seen that weight since around 6th grade. I am 30 pounds from not weighing 300 lbs at all and that thought is what brought the tears as I looked at  Dr. B and the gang this morning after stepping off the scale. They are so supportive, such cheerleaders for me whether I lose, gain or stay the same, the encouragement is the same. … and it is priceless. I have grow to love them and their amazing spirits!

I have much work to do and I am looking forward to taking this momentum into one of the craziest times of the year for me at work. I will make time to exercise, no matter how unconventional it may be, I will take the time to prep my food and give myself the tools to make good choices no matter how crazy my days are. I will continue to be inspired by all of the support you give me with each post, e-mail, text or call. I am humbled and so grateful for this chance at a new way to live.

Of course I have to say now how grateful I am to Lindsey for the countless hours spent at the gym. She will say “you’re doing the work” and I will say true, but she is the one next to me not letting me talk myself into doing less than what my best is, and showing me the difference. There is no substitute for hard work, for moving your body and stepping up to challenge yourself.  She motivates me even when she is nowhere around.


Not forgetting the reason why I have worked so incredible hard, the sweat, the frustration, the moments when I wanted to give in, give up so far but have not, comes down to making a difference for the dogs…the dogs like Tristan. Recycled Doggies is in full swing this summer saving dogs who otherwise have no hope. Check out the amazing work they are doing!


Just a reminder why it matters……


Hopeless and alone







Hoping for an extra treat after playing in the backyard with his brother and sister!







  1. John S. says:

    Crazy, I say! Way to go girl! I have heard that working out helps to relieve stress. In this challenging time of year, your workouts could be your salvation. Just sayin. I send love and support, as always!

  2. Linda Troy says:

    So happy that you have this encouraging weigh-in to keep you going as you enter your stressful time. You CAN do this! One step at a time. Celebrating with you, Linda

  3. Shera says:

    You are such an inspiration!!! xoxoxo

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