Day 3 (of 10)

It is always amazing to me the difference way you THINK your day is going to go and how it actually tuns out. Today was nuts, it is the day before the opening of our biggest and most popular opera of the season. Needless to say work was crazy, no time for a break but I packed my food and this is what today looked like on the plate…


One slice of Ezekiel bread, spinach, a tbs of earth balance and one egg over medium cooked with just a drizzle of olive oil.

Coffee two cups with raw sugar and a little cream




Apple and bottle of water.



eggplant concoction that had roasted red peppers, mushrooms,  basil pesto, a little goat cheese and a serving of baked lays.




1/2 cup of greek yogurt and fresh blueberries and a mango

** while bartending tonight at playhouse I had an iced coffee.



1/2 grilled chicken breast, greens, asparagus tips and cherry tomatoes, with honey/mustard dressing I made with 1 tbs olive oil, grain mustard and a tsp of honey, salt pepper and dried shallots.Small piece of angel food cake with 1/2 cup of blood orange sherbert.  water


While bartending tonight all the talk was that  Drew Lachey was going to be a special guest with the Second City comedy folks in town doing a show written about Cincinnati at the Playhouse, but I was to have my own special guest tonight. Billie who you will remember from the Flying Pig 5K, one woman rooting machine fame who popped up when I most needed her all along the course was at the show tonight with her good friend Cathy, who was a hoot! It was so so good to see Billie again, some people just have that energy that invigorates you and makes you want to smile. In the end a total gift for her to be there when I was there! I am gonna get up in the morning and go for a short run, maybe only 20-30 minutes but it will be the only time tomorrow to get any cardio  in, so if I don’t do it in the morning, it is not going to get done. Not getting it done is not ANY part of my plan. Thank you Billie, still rooting me on and motivating me to push further.

Oh, and Drew is a  nice guy and a good tipper! It was my pleasure to serve him his Amstel light!

Tomorrow is gonna kick my butt! In preparation  I have my workout clothes laid out for the morning, my food all packed and 3 good days under my belt…don’t worry, I am ready to kick back!


More tomorrow…





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  1. Linda Troy says:

    Keep going! You are doing an amazing job with your focused meals and exercise!


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