Day 4 (of 10)

My day started with a sleepy run that gave way to a full out sunrise self motivating jolt that I needed to get me through the long, long day. It was nice to be up and moving while most of the town was just starting to stir. The opening of Porgy and Bess happened today and I have to tell you I am dang proud of myself. I brought all my food and outside of 2 altoids and one celebratory drink that WAS part of the plan I only ate what I brought..


Coffee with cream and a little raw sugar

Greek yogurt, raspberries, blueberries and two tbs flax granola .

Snack: One apple.















Lunch: 1 cup pasta with veggies and marinara, salad with one small piece of bread. Water.


Snack: Small piece of angel food cake and one med orange


Dinner: Grilled pork tenderloin with a hash of yukon, carrots and beets finish with a little goat cheese.Water.

Dinner= grilled pork with a yukon, carrot and beet hash with goat cheese.













2 altoids

1 cocktail after work…..let me rephrase that one very well deserved and very much enjoyed cocktail.

Snack: When I got home at 11:00pm I was hungry so I had a cup of kashi cereal. Water

My day way crazy 14 hour work days are nutsola and I can’t stop yawing as I write this,but I feel so so good and I am looking forward to spending some time at the gym tomorrow night!

Just wanted to say a big ole THANK YOU, to all the supportive notes and posts and calls, getting me though so please keep them coming!


<3 Lori


A hard days night...intermission of Porgy & Bess at beautiful Music Hall.


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  1. Bob says:

    Love reading the updates. Sorry for the day but know I am watchinf from afar.

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