Day 7 (of 10)

I was bound and determined not to lay around the house all day and use the excuse of how tired I was from a crazy work week… work month to let the day slip away and find myself starting the week playing catch up. I did not sit around today and while I am tired, I am glad my day was full.

Started out this morning with coffee and time outside with the dogs. A sliced banana and some blueberries in almond milk then I went to the gym to meet Charmaine. We decided to run, swim then sauna. After a good 2 mile run/walk, a 30 minute swim some sauna time and talk we discovered we were both headed to the grocery to do some shopping for the week. My time with her is more than a work out, it’s another safe place to share and learn and lay it down. I sure hope she feels the same.

My grocery shop was good and my fruit bowl is overflowing for the week!


Along with fruit I wanted to make a veggie lasagne with no noddles to eat on for the week. I baked some zucchini I had sliced length wise and baked with a little panko until crispy then layered it with sauteed mushrooms, leeks, spinach, low fat ricotta, an organic sauce that has very little sugar and then topped it with some string cheese, if my calculations are right, or at least in the ballpark it should be 280 calories a serving.


a variety of mushrooms and leeks in a tlbs of olive oil


Zucchini after the bake.













Puttiing it all together
















Ready for the oven



While the lasagna was baking I did yard work while I listened to the Reds game on the radio and let the dogs out for a short time, but it was too hot out for them to stay out long. Laundry and some other house chores and we were all pretty much ready for a nap….


Tristan was very much ready for a little afternoon snooze


A great day, and I feel ready for tomorrow. As promised here is what I ate today.


Blueberries, bananna and rice milk

cup of coffee with half and half and a little raw sugar


Lunch: Nectarine, 2 little squares of laughing cow cheese and a serving of pretzel thins

Small glass of iced coffee (with the leftover morning coffee)


Dinner: one applewood farms organic chicken patty, zucchini, 1/2 cup of pasta sauce and 2 tbs of goat cheese. Water.

Snack: I enjoyed a small portion of angel food cake with berries and  “truwhip” it’s a healthier version of cool whip (no hydrogenated stuff) out on the back porch tonight (before the rain) with the new Brandi Carlile CD playing and the dogs running around.  Enjoyed every bit of it very much. 🙂

Perfect way to end the day....



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  1. John S. says:

    You have it going on girl…way to go…so proud of you…love!

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