Day 10 (of 10)

I struggled today.¬† I didn’t do anything crazy there were no meltdowns, no donuts, no drive thru visits. I think I am just tired and sometimes, even though I know this is how it must be. It’s exhausting watching everything you eat, thinking about it, debating it, planning it and most of all sticking to it.

My day started with coffee (2 cups with cream and raw sugar) and a bannana and 2 tbs peanut butter. I almost talked myself out of the gym this morning but knew if I did that, then I would regret it the whole day and the bad choices would make themselves it would be out of my control. I went to the gym, I ran one mile as fast as I could (16:32) minutes and I swam for 30 minuets.

Came home had two eggs and one piece of toast. (Ezekiel bread) and another cup of coffee. I was starving after swimming. Then I did chores and housework and ran a few errands. Came home and made lunch for mom and myself, this is what I had.

One grilled chicken breast marinated in shallot, olive oil, raspberry vinaigrette and garlic. A salad with chopped zucchini, tomatoes, olives, cannellini¬† beans and goat cheese, and then some baked sweet potato fries. I also made us a non alcoholic spritzer with ginger ale, seltzer and a splash of pom juice and sliced oranges. I had two glasses (plastic blue ones with ice) I ate well, I did not over eat but I ate more than I have been. Dessert was raspberries, blueberries, angel food cake and “truwhip” on top. My and I ate out back in the heat and it did not take long for us to look at each other and high tail it back inside where the dogs were hanging out.

I took mom to the opening ceremonies of the World Choir Games (with 17,000 other people), which is a huge choral competition and it’s the first time it has been in the US. It was so hot and I just wanted to have something with ice, so I got a sprite. I took about 4 drinks and ended up spilling the damn thing everywhere. Let’s just call it divine intervention. I also had two little wrapped caramels from a friends “snack” bag.

Later tonight I had a bowl of cereal with almond milk because I was hungry.

That’s it, that is the food intake. I am exhausted and tomorrow is another busy day.

I hope everyone had a great and wonderful holiday. Tomorrow Linds is back and she will be a much needed breath of fresh air…

okay, okay… I don’t generally do this so close to a weigh in but I stepped on the scale this morning and after all the hard work, all of the things I did not give into…. I am up on the scale. How is that even possible? It changed everything in my day, that number is a total mindfuck (excuse my language, I try not to cuss on here too much not like the trucker mouth I can be in real life sometimes) Maybe I have hit a plateau… not looking forward to the weigh in…

Gotta figure it out, this is part of it, this is why people give up. I am not giving up. I will figure it out, adjust, and move forward as I have before.

Now I am going to bed…I have to go while there is a break in the front line battle of fireworks going off in my neighborhood.

Goodnight all!






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