He was use to love, affection, wagging his tail and rolling in the grass. Lennox was a therapy dog for a 13 year old girl, he has never bitten anyone or shown any aggression what so ever. The family that he belonged to did everything right, they altered him, they micro-chipped him, he was licensed and up to date on all of his shots and most importantly, they loved him. One day their world would be rocked to the core when two men who said they were dog wardens with the council appeared with a warrant, then they pulled out a tape measure  and decided that Lennox was “of type” and confiscated him. Belfast and Northern Ireland have strict laws regarding “pit bull” type dogs, they are illegal. The Barnes family has spent the last two years in court battles trying desperately to get Lennox freed from the awful confinement and punishment for a dog who has done nothing wrong except to simply exist.  It just didn’t seem to matter to the court or the council that after testing Lennox he actually turned out to be a mix of American Bulldog and Lab. It does not matter to the court and council that they have taken away a member from a loving family. It does not matter that Lennox is not just property that you can just cease and destroy without anyone really caring what happens, Right?

Wrong. Oh how very wrong that city council is when it comes to  passionate animal lovers when the evils of humanity rear an ugly head and do the unthinkable to an innocent dog. I have been following this story for some time now. I have written letters and e-mails with little to no success and I there is a part of me that thinks Lennox is already dead, otherwise why all the secrecy? Why not let the family have a final visit and why would you ever deny the numerous offers to re-home him in the USA for no cost at all to Belfast. Are these people that cold hearted and malicious or is there a coverup about what really happened? I am confident the truth will be discovered because the supporters of Lennox have pried open the dark, boarded up door of secrecy and will not stop until the questions are answered. We will not be silenced and no action is not an option for us any longer.

This has been on my mind and in my heart for a long time now, and of course one reason is Tristan. After all he has been through to think of someone coming into my house and taking him away forcing  him into solitude and confinement for doing nothing other than existing makes me weep uncontrollably. Tristan came so close to being killed simply because he was labeled “unadoptable”, damaged goods, who would want him? We have become a throw away society of animals. Many shelters are killing dogs at such high rates it is nothing less that an astonishing display of heartless murder and they try to tell themselves it’s okay for a laundry list of reasons. The sensationalism and ignorance pill that the public has swallowed regarding the “Pit Bull Type” dog maybe one of the greatest hoaxes of all time. Any dog is only as good or as bad as it’s environment, plain and simple, no one breed is the problem. The torturous fighting rings driven by the almighty dollar, bad owners, the over breeding for money, abuse, neglect and cruelty are the problem. Lennox was NOT a bad dog, far from it and yet he is punished in the most unspeakable way. In the end if Lennox is maliciously killed by the Belfast City Council he will live on in all of us that fight for dogs that have no voice and we will refuse to stand still in the movements that matter most, the moments we fight to end the needless killing of innocent dogs like Lennox.


“Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Tristan wonders when the killing will stop...



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