Five and fighting…

The scale was good to me this weigh in, I managed to lose the 3lbs I gained last weigh-in and 2 additional for a total of 5lbs, this brings me to a total loss of 64lbs down.

Next week is the final push for a very long week of performances at work. Monday-Saturday working all day with events every night. I will pick one day to work out in the morning with Linds at 6:30am, and then I will work out on Saturday morning and Sunday. Being busy is not an excuse to skip working out, but it is an excuse to figure out the balance of what makes sense so that I feel good about what I have done without setting unachievable expectations for myself. I continue to fight through the hard week and know that slow and steady is the way to go.

One final note on this short entry…

Tristan has been on anxiety meds for over a year, they have helped him tremendously but now we are working on weening him off the medication in hopes that he will do just fine without it. He is about to go down to the lowest dose before he goes off of them completely.  I can see a difference in him, his eyes are brighter and he seems to somehow know he is safe even when he is scared and unsure which I find to be a huge step forward. We walk this road together, both of us facing our fears, and taking one step at a time doing the best we can…. it’s enough, even when I have my doubts, it is enough.









  1. John S. says:

    Hang in there and Tristan are my heroes!

  2. Cindy says:

    Yes, it is enough! Great for you and Tristan! 🙂 Nothing wrong with a little help now & then – everybody needs help sometimes (applying this to both pups & people.) Here’s to a great weekend & also the following week! 🙂

    • dogl2324 says:

      Thank Cindy! I am so late replying so some of these amazing note of support and encouragement but thank you for being here and rooting me on! 😉

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