For a year the whole goal has been to move forward…baby steps that have lead to giant leaps in any directions except backward. Maybe that is why I find myself sitting  here tonight (oh well, actually it’s morning) feeling like things are still in full throttle forward with a tidal wave of emotion about to take me under. I have decided to take the long weekend for myself, and process a bit of the magnitude of the last year. A run, a bike ride and just sitting in the stillness of my own skin… honoring the gifts I have been given. I have a few days of little to no obligation and I am selfishly taking them for myself to reflect and get ready to move forward. The official weigh in for phase one of the project will be on Tuesday with the amazing Dr. B at the office. I will be blogging over the weekend and I am working on a video that documents the last year to share with you. Also we will be announcing the details of phase two….there are many more stories to tell, more  weight to lose and many more dogs to save,  there are also some fun changes in store that I think you will like.  I am looking forward to closing this amazing chapter of my life and beginning the journey to see what will happen next! Stay tuned!







  1. Linda Troy says:

    What an amazing year you’ve had–and that you’ve shared with all of us! I was sharing your story with a friend who had come with me to a pet rescue event, and she said she got tears in her eyes, just listening to me share your story. God bless you as you continue on this journey–thanks for allowing us to journey with you, and thanks for helping to save the dogs through your efforts.

    • dogl2324 says:

      Linda, I can’t thank you enough for all of the kindness, compassion and support you have given me through the year, please know how much it has meant. Also, you donations have been so so generous! Very blessed you have walked the journey with me and I am hoping you will stick around as I go forward! xoxo

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