Full steam ahead.

I took some time, a few days, a few meals, a few splurges, indulgences that could not have been a better thing to do. I had a great time, I laughed, I was with friends being silly, laughing, consuming and taking a much needed small break to recharge my battery.

Here is why this is important for my addiction. There has never been a “few days of indulgences” for me in the past, it always ends in me tripping over a stack of self loathing and falling down the spiral staircase of shame. Feeling that I failed, that I am no good, that nothing would ever get me out of the darkness after not sticking to the plan with 100% accuracy. A healthy indulgence is having a fabulous shared meal with friends not a box of donuts and bag of fast food in a parking lot, hoping no one sees the track marks of icing left behind. This time, it is different and after 5 days of resting my body, I am ready to move forward, work hard and get back to my routine!

What does forward mean for phase two of the dog-lbs project?

  • Raise Money/Awareness Continue to raise money for Recycled Doggies and all the amazing work they do! The first year we raised over $3,500 so thank you for all the amazing generosity! The donations can continue to be on per pound basis OR they can be done as you are inspired by something that you read or feel connected to a task or goal that I reach that is not necessarily pounds on a scale.
  • Losing weight– My goals are not going to be given a strict timeline as in the first phase. I am not limiting myself to a year so to speak, and this is going to be broken up into shorter goals as we go along. My first weight goal is to hit the 250lb mark, gaining muscle and strengthening my core, soul and spirit as I lose fat and continue to shed the shame I carry from once weighing over 600lbs.
  • Weigh-in’s– I am going to try doing things a little differently and weighing in at the beginning of each month, IF I find after a couple of months it is not enough accountability then I will go back to the two week cycle. I will post on-line at the first of the month the results.
  • Running-I want to continue to push myself to run, and one of the big goals in phase two is to work with Tristan to overcome his enormous fear of the leash so that one day he and I will be able to run together.
  • Crazy talk– Linds and I will begin to train in the near future for a Sprint Triathlon. Do not adjust your monitors, you read that correctly. More details soon!  (I get hives just thinking about it right now!) In the meantime we will do smaller races, the next of which will be the Color Run in October.
  • ASK Lindsey– She is an amazing gift and I thought I would share her with all of you on the dog-lbs journey. Soon she will have her own e-mail address and if you have questions about weight loss, exercise or nutrition she will answer them for you. She is not a doctor, and will NOT be giving any medical advice. She holds a B.S in Exercise Physiology from Central Michigan University so she is very qualified to answer questions pertaining exercise and fitness. Email her at Lindsey@dog-lbs.com (look for this on the main page in a few days!)
  • Bad to the Bone Challenges– At the beginning of each month we will ask YOU to submit challenges for me to work on during that month and try to complete them by the end of the month. If Lindsey picks your challenge for me to conquer you will receive a dog-lbs t-shirt!  Email your suggestions for a challenge to challenges@dog-lbs.com (look for this on the main page in a few days)


Carolyn took some fun pictures to wrap up phase one, then we decided they should actually kick off phase two! So here are a few of the fun shots she took in Friendship Park when it was about 99 degrees with 100% humidity. Thank you Carolyn for your amazing talents in working miracles!












Come along with us on the next leg of this journey and please spread the word to anyone you think might be inspired, motivated or would just enjoy following along!






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