Pals of the saddle.

The 1938 John Wayne movie seems like the perfect title for this blog entry! I have had a new foster dog for several weeks now.  This little dog was hit by a car and came to me kinda banged up, little blue cast and all, just 4 months old and as sweet as they come. I named him John Wayne, partly because he looked like he had a rough time on the trail he had been on, but mostly because my Dad loved John Wayne, and it just makes me feel good to find ways to keep his spirit alive in my world.

John Wayne is a wonderful mix of breeds, he is a low rider so he has some basset or dachshund in him, probably some hound or sheppard and a whole lot of  sweetness thrown in the pot for good measure. When I brought him home, he needed to be quarantined for 10 days to make sure he was free of parvo and to keep my own dogs safe as possible.

Tristan has always been much more connected to dogs than people, this was evident the very first time he laid eyes on Tully at my house weeks after he had come to live with me. He knows other dogs are safe, much safer than humans. There is no pain, no beatings, no cigarette burns, no harsh words or screams just the potential for love with other dogs. Over and over I have seen the power that dogs hold for Tristan from Tully and Maggie who are his family to Journey his soul mate and brother (from another mother)  who was the other dog that was taken from the same hell house that Tristan came from.

Tristan was in love with John Wayne the moment I put the little blue casted wobbly dog in the playpen situated in the middle of the dinning room. Tristan’s whole body wiggled with delight and he circled the playpen and whined to be able to get close to our new house guest. When the quarantine ended and they could finally be together Tristan proudly took  the role of watching over little John Wayne. All of the dogs got along splendidly but there is something very special about the confidence that appears for Tristan when he feels safe  and empowered by the other dogs in his world.

Tristan’s capacity to love despite what he has been through inspires me everyday. He is a walking, wagging, wiggly billboard to never give up, I look at him every single day and want to strive to be a better person, to make good decisions and to love the people and the world around me even when I am scared, even when it’s not easy.

John Wayne will likely saddle up this weekend and move on to a new life with his forever family and Tristan will be without his pal, but he will learn that change is not always bad and in the end he is safe and very much loved. Hey, isn’t that what we all long to feel? Thank you John Wayne, for stopping by our place, sharing your sweet smooches, reminding me that puppies LOVE power cords and loving us with your sweet happy spirit! Good Lucky Buddy!


Tristan could not hide his excitement for our new house guest!


Tristan Taught John Wayne how to master tug-o-war!


Two peas in a pod.


Tristan also taught someone the very best way to take the stuffin out of a toy!


One happy happy dog!


One of the most touching pictures I captured of them. John Wayne had come over and taken the chew bone right out of Tristan's mouth, who gave it up willingly and simply rested his head on John Wayne and watched the little dog gnaw happily away at his bone. Tristan is love.


Thank you John Wayne for bringing us a houseful of crazy happy cowboy love! Have a wonderful life lil guy!



  1. John S. says:

    Happy Trails JW!

  2. Bobbie says:

    Thank you for fostering!

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