I dare you.

It can be anything from jumping rope for two minuets to riding my bike for 20 miles, we need your ideas for a challenge that will give me something to work toward, a fitness goal to acheive in the coming month. We will be taking requests until Oct 1st then I will have a month to work on the challenge that Lindsey picks!

If your challenge is picked you can win a dog-lbs t-shirt!

Spread the word, share it with your friends ask around. God help me, Lindsey loves crazy ideas for fitness!

Kidding..... but you get the idea!



e-mail your challenge ideas to:










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  1. Bob W. says:

    You know how it is when you have all these ideas or you know the answers to the game show questions, but when it comes at you when you are not thinking of it, you can’t come up with the right response? Well, maybe that’s me. Because per your challenge, I come up with things like watch all the training sequences of the Rocky movies and duplicate, or expend some energy raking the leaves in my yard (oh – that’s right – the leaves haven’t fallen yet), or maybe better, cut my grass for the month of October 🙂 . But seriously, having a selfish goal in mind, I like your idea of building up to riding your bike for 25 miles so that you and Mel and I and anyone else who would like to join can have a fall bike ride on the bike trail, enjoying the changing colors, the cooler, crisp air, and then a picnic type lunch or early dinner. That would warm the cockles of my heart. (inside joke to all the rest of you out there). But whatever, I so applaud and admire you for everything you have done, for feeling closer to you than ever before, and for having my very own “Once Upon A Time” star. Love you more, and good luck. But luck isn’t necessary because you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, and sweet Lori, you definitely have your mind in the right place. So just love you more.

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