Fall into me.

Just days away from October, a month when the leaves explode with the unmistakable brush stroke of autumn. The air turns crisp  and a new bounty of seasonal foods appear for the feasting, game nights with friends, good bourbon to keep  warm, and the beginning of the holiday season approaches making fall one of my very favorite times of year.

Lindsey says we can run outside well into December, and for this I am grateful. In the past October would begin a season of hibernation, and what little activity I saw in the way of exercise came to a screeching  halt once the weather offered a bitter excuse of why I could not possibly be active outside. If there was activity it was generally rewarded with a roll of cookie dough and a cup of marshmallows with shot of hot chocolate. Last year was the beginning of learning to experience this time of a year in a different way, opening the blinds in  the damp, dark, cold room and letting some light in on the reality that if I was to make real changes I would have to deal with the holidays, the missing,  the social gatherings, the food, and the cold. Finding a way to keep my mouth closed to the laundry list of gluttony and open myself to the idea of  putting one foot in from of the other, moving myself at any cost. Somehow this year, the winter seems less scary to me, I have visions of trail running in the cold, hiking in the snow and just maybe letting myself trust in finding someone to share the next leg of this journey with.

October always finds me missing my Dad, he would have been 97 years old next month, remembering the smell of his cologne and the feel of his too big cowboy hat on my head as a kid, after all of these years it still brings on an unmistakable aching in my chest.  I have a pocketful of memories though, he is always with me especially during the month of October his memory agitates like a small hard pebble down in my boot heel as I walk on, a constant reminder.



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  1. Moody says:

    Hey Lori,

    Haven’t been here for a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking of you. It’s good to know you’ll have company to fire you on so you don’t skip a training due to the weather.
    I hope I’ll find the courage to get back to the pool as of this coming week.
    Things have been really busy for me the last month, with my kid now going to junior high school (he’s 12). Up until last year, he usually slept at my mom’s so he wouldn’t have to get out of bed at 6.45, jump into his clothes and get dragged all the way over to my mom, regardless of the weather conditions. With him sleeping there, everybody’s mornings started out better, with less stress and less urgently.
    Now that he’s going to the “big” school, he’s taking his bus at the same time I am, on the opposite side of the street. So he’s now staying at home with me again. It’s a huge change for the both of us and we really had to find a routine. Now that we have, my mom has given me her blessings to go back to swimming on Tuesday evening. She didn’t want me to go until we found our bearings, because it means a change in the kid’s routine as he’ll be sleeping over at her place the nights I’m gone swimming. My mom is big on a strict routine because the kid “needs structure”. I’m sure he does just fine when everything is not timed to perfection, but hey, she’s still my mom and I don’t know what I’d do without her, so I just go with the flow and think my own.
    Anyways, I’ve taken a flying start this new school year.
    I saw a dietician at work last month and she gave me 1 piece of advice I took at heart: cut back on drinking coke. It’s bad for you in more than one way. Following doctor’s orders (lol), I switched to Nestea (it’s a type of iced tea) and in one month time ….. I lost 3 kilos!!!
    You just wait till I get my butt back to the pool!!!!
    I still have my occasional glass or can of coke, but it’s much, much less than before, when I drank a 1,5 liter bottle per day, every day.
    I never thought I would actually lose weight “doing nothing”, but here I am, weighing 3 kilos less than a month ago with not a single physical workout under the belt.
    It’s a very promising start and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my own progress.


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